Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Messy Mess-Free Painting for Littles

Hello all! We are back from our big trips as Marquette mentioned yesterday and we are ready to get in full swing. By ready I mean that I slept till 10:30 this morning and am only now getting to blogging. That's ready right?! I started school yesterday (my last semester of college!!!!) and so I am still trying to get a new routine down. We'll get there soon enough. For today's Pinstrosity I have a sensory play goof for you!

Laura has a 2.5 year old who loves to paint and color, and Laura found this pin of a mess free painting method and thought it would be perfect for her little! Check it out!

The Original
Let your little ones play with paint without making a giant mess, and you can make some fun shapes when the paint is in the taped down plastic bag! The little artists can also erase what they made, make something new without using lots of paper, and they won't paint themselves!
 The Pinstrosity

Here is what Laura had to say about it:
"This pin looked great! T could have some great sensory play without painting our carpet. I used a quart-sized bag and some (non toxic) acrylic paints I had lying around the house. I taped it down using duct tape, removed T's shirt (you can never be too careful), and let her play. Only, I forgot that T has another love: pulling tape off of things. Instead of playing with the paint, she immediately pulled off all the tape. Which ripped a hole in the corner of the bag, and the paint started oozing out. So much for mess free."

This Pinstrosity is more of a heads up to other moms, but I had a few thoughts about how to help a situation like this. Maybe try two times to the tape?? Perhaps pulling tape off of other tape would satisfy her, (maybe not, kids are funny). The other thought I had (which may be the better option anyways) was to double bag your paint. Put your paint in one quart sized bag, fold the ziploc edge over and put it inside another bag. This way if the little pulls the tape off she isn't ripping the paint bag. Just a thought. Seeing as I haven't seen this one in action it might not be as easy as all that, however this is a good heads up to those of you who do this on the regular!

Hope everyone is having a good week!! Have any Pinstrosities from over the summer?! Send them our way!!

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  1. Another solution is to use painter's tape, which will hold it in place on the table, but isn't strong enough to rip the bag if pulled up.


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