Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mozzarella Sticks: When Captions Attack

One of the pins that took Pinterest by storm was the one for making your own baked mozzarella bites. Basically bite sized baked mozzarella sticks. For so many it turned out so wrong.  Today I have for your viewing pleasure a similar pin, only this time it's making the full cheese stick, not just a bite. 

The Original Pin
Mozzarella sticks. MMMMmmmm! I can hardly make it past Sonic without ordering me some of these. Georgeann found this on Pinterest and saved if for their family pizza night. "I was so looking forward to this. My family (my six kids, my husband and I) planned a pizza night in. I bought all the fixins for DIY pizzas and planned to make these DIY mozzarella sticks. I followed the instructions exactly and this is what I got."

The Pinstrosity

Looks like our previous entries for the mozzarella bites, but I thought I'd go to the original site and see if I could figure out where Georgeann went wrong. I was a little confused once I got there. Georgeann stated she followed the directions, but the original site friend their mozzarella sticks rather than baked them. And then I knew what happened. Immediately I went back to the pin she had found on Pinterest. Here was the caption: "Just dipped them in milk then Italian bread crumbs. Baked for 10 mins at 425. So simple!!!!!" So she did follow the directions exactly, just the wrong directions! This happens quite frequently with Pinstrosity submissions. BEWARE OF CAPTIONS! Sometimes captions are right on and offer some extra awesome insights and ideas. Sometimes they are beyond Pluto in outer space. Read the captions, and then ALSO read the original instructions on the website. If they differ, I'd start with the original instructions first unless the Pinterest caption has a really really great added tip about what can or can't be added or substituted. 

Now, am I calling for only ever following exact instructions and never using Pinterest as a place for inspiration for experiments? Nope. And I know that bothers some of you, and I'm sorry. Yes, there are times when the instructions should be followed. If you want something to turn out exactly like the original, you should follow instructions. But, sometimes there is a pin that triggers an idea. Try that idea! The world can always use fun ideas and new twists. This would be a boring world if no one had ever deviated from the known. I for one and glad for whoever had the idea to mix Root Beer and Ice Cream. And Peanut Butter and Chocolate. So, don't get to upset at people for flexing their inquisitive and creative muscles. We need those people in the world just as much as we need those who will and can follow instructions rigidly. I love a creative and inquisitive mind in the kitchen, but I'm sure grateful for those that can follow instructions when building a house. Not that people who build houses aren't creative or inquisitive; I'm just glad they don't think "Hey, I should build this section of the wall with Playdough and see if it works!". You get my drift. 

So...check the captions, check the original instructions, and carry on! You're awesome. 


  1. Another good example of the caption and picture being all wrong is the alleged 'rainbow roses'. The picture is of a gorgeous bunch of roses with rainbow coloured petals in rich, vibrant shades. The directions say to slice the stem into 4 pieces and dip into 4 cups of coloured water. I tried it. It doesn't work.

  2. the trick is to get the breading pretty thick

  3. I have a separate board for recipes I've tried where I list all the changes/substitutions in the captions. I also list whether or not those changes worked. :-)


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