Friday, August 8, 2014

The Black Dahlia

Now that summer is winding down to a close (sniff), I'm starting to see quite the increase in fall and Halloween pins in my Pinterest newsfeed. Costume ideas, table runners, nature bouquets, etc. Today I thought I'd follow the trend and give you a Halloween Pinstrosity we were sent in. 

The Original Pin

"I attempted to make black dahlia wreath for Halloween. I believe my mistake was using poster board paper. There are no direction in english so I guessed. WRONG!! But I still hung it up. I added spider webs and spiders and everyone loves it. A win after all."

The Pinstrosity

Not quite the dahlia look, but it definitely still works for Halloween! That's one thing I love about Halloween crafts. If they go "wrong", they often still work. 

A more lightweight paper would definitely work better for this, as would smaller pieces of paper. I found a great (English!) tutorial on how to make these over at the Hi Sugarplum! blog.
If you want a more dense look to your dahlia than the above photo, roll up your "petals" more tight. But, just as above, if it doesn't work out, throw some cobwebs on and it still looks great for Halloween! 


  1. This would be pretty cool to make with newspaper.

  2. I think the Pinstrosity looks like a spider mum, except black, and that's pretty darn cool and fitting for the theme!

  3. I made this one last year for Halloween!


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