Friday, August 22, 2014

Flashback Friday: Redneck Waterbed

Why is today Flashback Friday? I'll tell you. It's because I have a Pinstrosity to share with you today, inspired from a pin that "fathered" two previous Pinstrosity posts. 

Behold, Pinstrosity #1:

Rachael found that if your land isn't completely flat, you run into trouble.  Rolling blog anyone?

Pinstrosity #2:

Magdelyn found out that ironing plastic isn't very fun, and that plastic is prone to holes when jumped upon by young yahoos. 

And then finally today I give you Pinstrosity #3:

Rowan followed the instructions at this site, but learned that this was a lot of work for only 10 minutes of playtime. "This photo is taken after only ten minutes of play. My nephews loved it but It quickly got bunched up and sprung leaks. Thankfully I did not add the food-colouring that the post suggests because otherwise I would have ended up with coloured children. In the end we just ended up with a wet tarp.... Really not as fun as advertised."

So, three ladies have found this isn't as easy or as satisfying as it looks at first. But for those 10 minutes it does work, is sounds like fun! Visit the previous two redneck waterbed posts (click on the names of the two previous submitters) for the various tips submitted with these Pinstrosities! 

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  1. My cousin did this last summer and the kids (age 2-19) got a couple of good hours of fun before a seam (in the plastic, not even one of her duct tape ones!) gave out. She was happy that the kids had fun, but said it isn't worth doing a second time.


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