Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mystic Aura Xylophone

I hope I'm alive to post again on may be the death of me. 4 big photography events packed back to back in one day. Before you think, "What's so hard about that?", let me tell you. That's a full day of running to keep up with athletes and toddlers, squatting repeatedly to get the right angle, leaning over in weird positions to catch the sun ray just right, hoping a baby doesn't pee on you, climbing up a rocky creek, etc. So if I'm MIA next week...look for me in the psych ward with a camera clutched in my fingers. Some days this hobby really goes a little nuts. But I love it. 

 With my photography interests, I really was excited and intrigued when I saw this pin:

The Original Pin
How is this happening? That has to be the coolest picture ever. I've seen this pinned many many many times with this caption: "Put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them." 

Mind blown. 

But, then I got thinking...something doesn't seem quite right with that. A mystic aura wafting up out of regular glasses with water and a simple glow stick? Surely the original site explains this phenomenon. 

And they did. In their caption right under the photograph. 

The aura is just an effect from the camera

In case you missed that..."The aura is just an effect from the camera". 

Further down in the comments the author responds to questions by saying, "Yes, just a camera effect. I turned on the flash for that one and that is how it came out." 

Many disappointed people have commented on her post saying they saw the pin, saw the mystic aura caption, gave it a try, and then they actually went to her blog to read the directions only to find out that someone mis-captioned the Pinterest pin. 

Today's Pinstrosity Lesson Learned? Go to the original site and read the directions. Don't assume the pin knows all. will end up with Pinstrosities on your hands, but hopefully not as many. Or maybe I should be telling you to never read the directions so that there will be more Pinstrosities so our blog will always have fresh fodder. But that would kinda defeat the overall purpose of the blog. Isn't that funny...we're just working against ourselves aren't we. Oh's fun for now. And really, there will always be Pinstrosities out there...many of them coming from my craft room. 


  1. OK, now how would this work if it was lighted from beneath, and hot water was used ... how enough that vapor would rise above the containers?

  2. I get so pissed off at people who make up captions to the photos. Like, what's the point?

  3. A photography-related wrongly described pin that I keep seeing is the one of the multi-coloured oranges that are actually a photoshop example. So many people have fallen for it!


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