Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Egg White Fountain of Youth

Many a woman has nightmares of looking like a grandma before their time.
And with that, the beauty industry has made lots of money because of this fear.
We women will do just about anything to make sure our skin is looking fresh, clean and young.
 But have you ever tried Eggs?!
Our reader's Becky and Percie did, and here is their experience.
The Original
An all natural attempt at beautiful skin...but how did work for Becky and Percie?
The Pinstrosity
Not so great.
So what happened?
Here is what Becky had to say about it:

"The experience was delightful! I laughed during the whole thing!
My poor daughter is the one in the photo. She is 13 and has a speckling of blemishes on her cheeks and eyebrows .
I saw the face mask, went to the website, read all the questions and decided to give it a go. 
The deal was I would do my daughters face first and then she could do mine. Needless to say we never did mine!
I used one egg white and toilet paper (two par separated). To apply the egg white I used a wide flat paintbrush. After I applied first layer of egg I had to tear the toilet paper to make them fit, but had no where to put the brush so I ended up tearing with one hand. 
 Also she was sitting up, laying down would be easier. 
 When I tried to apply the second layer of egg, the first layer kept coming off. I didn't know how many layers and it took forever to dry. When she pulled off the mask it came off in pieces. There was no blackhead removal. Basically she was just left with dried egg on her face!"
At least they had fun right?!
How do we make this work?!
1.Make sure you have no makeup on, and that you have washed your face with just water. This removes some dirt and gives you a clean slate so your product can get down to those pores!
2.Have the "client" lay down...this is just a much easier way to do a facial. This is generally a two person job, but if your alone, you can make it work, I think I am going to have to try it out and see how a one woman job goes for this one.
3.This is easiest if you have a fan brush, but a regular little brush should work if you don't. You can apply with your fingers as well, but I prefer working with a fan brush.
4. One option is to whisk the egg into a froth and then apply, I think this would be easier to apply because egg whites can be goopy sometimes.
*Egg whites are good for your skin because they contain protein which is good for your skins overall health, and they tighten the skin which helps to get rid of wrinkles. Also egg whites can dry out skin so make sure you finish this off with moisturizer at the very end of your facial. However, with this method being a little drying, this can be good for oily or acneic skin because it can get rid of excess oil.*
5. Before you start you might take a hot shower or warm a wet towel and lay on your skin to open your pores. This makes it easier for the mask to penetrate your pores and get rid of some of that dirt!
6.While you are lying down you can put used and cooled chamomile tea bags on your eyes, or cucumbers which help to calm the skin and will reduce puffiness around your eyes.
7. You can use the tissue, however I don't feel that there are really any extra benefits to having the tissue all over your face, it just seems messy to me, and makes the whole process more difficult.
8. Let the mask dry ALL the way before you take it off, this is how it tightens your skin. This may take 20, 25 minutes. Be patient.
9. When your done use a warm wet washcloth to gently take off the mask, and then remember to moisturize/sunscreen your face AND neck. Don't forget your neck!
10. Relax. Really this is the best thing you can do for your skin, you will smile more, and having less stress will make you less prone to break outs.
Does anyone have a regular Egg White Face Mask regimen?! I feel like this could be a good thing to add to my skin care regimen once a week, or every other week.
Let us know!!
Happy Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. Try just smearing egg yolk on your face, then letting it dry. Peel/wash/rinse off, and there you go! Egg yolk has a high level of vitamin A, which will help kill the bacteria that cause acne; since egg yolk is also full of lipids, it's quite moisturizing.

  2. I was told it was egg yolks that are good for acne, because of the high vitamin A content (basically, DIY Accutane without all the freaky side effects).

  3. If anyone wants a real blemish corrector, try washing your face, applying regular old white toothpaste to the blemish, waiting a couple of minutes, and washing the toothpaste off. If you do this a night, the blemish will be significantly reduced when you wake up. You need to use the paste toothpaste and not the gel. Colgate seems to work best.

  4. Using toilet paper may have been the main problem with this: toilet paper is designed to disintegrate when wet, so as not to block your pipes.
    The idea of using tissues is to dry out the egg white mask and let you pull it off when dry, taking dirt/blackheads right with it.
    No idea if it actually works, but washing it off instead would almost certainly decrease your chances.
    Good luck!

  5. I'm pretty sure the issue was using toilet paper, instead of tissue paper. The pins I have seen are for tissue paper...which should hold up better when wet.

  6. Adding mushed up strawberries to your egg yolk mask will make it even better as they contain fruit acids (AHA) that help exfoliate and lots of different vitamins.
    Avocado is also great for masks as it's full of Vitamin E.

  7. Remember that it will never look like that because the picture is for these

    Honestly I'd probably just do the mask without the paper.


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