Friday, April 5, 2013

Egg Drop( It In Trash) Soup

Continuing with our theme of Eggs this week is this little doozy! Check it out!

There is a little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in Albuquerque called Chin's Chinese that first introduced to my love affair with Asian food.
The first thing I had?
Egg Drop Soup.
I must have been five or so at the time, (this is the first I remember of Chin's at least), and my family and I went out to eat which was a treat.
They brought me a starter soup to tide us over while we ordered, and I looked at the interesting looking stuff in the bowl before me with curiosity and a growling stomach.
That one bowl was all it took to get me hooked.
What I wouldn't give for Chin's Egg Drop soup right now!
Well Catherine has a taste for Asian food as well and decided to make a meal out of it.
She had the rice, check, she had sweet and sour chicken, check.
But what about the soup?!
She turns to her trusty Pinterest account and the rest is infamous  Pinstrosity history.
The Original
Looks delicious doesn't it?! And it just happens to be lunch time over here! Now I need Chinese stat!
But how did Catherine's turn out?!
The Pinstrosity
Looks less than appetizing yes?
Catherine explained to us that she followed the directions, minus the scallions which she doesn't like, and this was the result.
Her husband was brave enough to taste it, and said it tasted like it looked, in Catherine's words this was "Egg Drop Puke".
How can you avoid this happening to you?
Try a recipe that doesn't seem too good to be true. While I admit Egg Drop Soup is one of the more simpler recipes in the book, it shouldn't seem like a complete no brainer.
The recipe she used said to drop the whole egg in there and whip it with a  fork to give you the egg "shreds" that are normally very tasty.
According to several other recipes I found you should grab some of the egg on a fork and drop only small portions in at a time. The smaller pieces guarantee that the egg will cook right away assuming you have the boiling broth that is needed for this recipe.
Moral of the story here is that if it seems to good to be true, or just too easy, it probably is.
Isn't that how it goes for Pinterest though? Once you have learned this valuable lesson it makes life SO much easier.
One good recipe for Egg Drop Soup I found is on All Recipes Website. I LOVE this website and the reviews for this recipe are through the roof!
Happy Friday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. I love egg drop soup! But why did hers not taste good? It really didn't look that unappetizing to me at all.

  2. I rarely use a recipe directly from the web. What I usually do is to look for flavour-combinations and then use my mother's collection of trusty cookbooks (the the few that I've collected) for a recipe. And then I tweak it for the first handful of times I make it.

  3. I love egg drop soup! I wish my kids did :(

    I have always made it using, essentially, the original recipe. But I have also always used a whisk--and whisk fast while slowly pouring the egg in! The whisk gets a little eggy, but it's easy to clean. A fork won't do the trick.

    1. I do the same, the whisk is a must if you want the thin egg shreds.

  4. My mom has been doing this for years, it is easier than you think. First, heat the soup to boiling. Then lightly mix up the egg in a small bowl. Don't make scrambled eggs, just so the yolk is broke and the whites slightly mixed. Then while stirring the boiling soup continuously slowly poor the egg in. And then voila!

    1. I do this same thing when i make egg drop soup. I find it helps if you beat the eggs in a small liquid measuring cup. You can control how fast the egg goes in.

  5. Mmmmmm......egg drop soup. I have a love affair with it and I haven't had it in forever.

    Sadly, we just moved so now I need to find a new Chinese place that has this awesomeness.

  6. I used the recipe from and loved it, i didn't have a problem using a fork, mine turned out great!

  7. I'm lazy. I make egg drop ramen soup. Add frozen onions to 2 cups water. Once it starts boiling, dump noodles in. After 3 minutes, stir seasoning in. Crack one large egg into pot. Stir vigorously with a fork. Turn off heat. Keep stirring with a fork for a minute longer. Then eat. Yum!

    1. This is what I do too. I love some ramen noodles and added protein from the egg!

  8. I have made egg drop soup before and the trick i found to making the eggs little whisps of yumminess? Whip it together like you are going to scramble it first, then start to stir the soup so it creates a spinning brothy vortex and while still stirring it to keep up the speed of it going round and round, drip the egg mixture into it. The speed of the broth mixture spinning constantly draws the egg drips around the pan in thin threads that cook very fast and to perfection. my recipe calls for shredded carrots (use a pealer to "shred" them to thin long bits), chopped green onion (nose to tail), and a mix of veggie,and pork broth with a splash of rice vinegar and sesame oil. Its oh so good!


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