Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Many people feel that accessories make the outfit. I am one of those people. When I am having a low self-esteem day and I feel like absolutely nothing fits right I buy accessories instead of clothes, you're never too fat for a pair of earrings. The same goes for scarves.

 Hannah is a good big sister and tried to make a scarf she on Pinterest for her scarf loving sister.
This one looked so easy, but somehow it ended up looking like a dead octopus. Check it out!

The Original
This doesn't look too difficult and I like the look. The original site even has pictures and written tutorials.
First they have you cut straight across the top right before the sleeves start, then you cut tiny strips just under the half way up point, and pull on them slightly. If you are using a regular ole'  cotton t-shirt, they should give a little and lengthen out like seen above. Put over your head and voila!
Here is Hannah's take:
The Pinstrosity
Well it isn't a total tragedy.
Hannah said it just looked like a dead octopus, which I got a good laugh about!
 The scarf isn't exactly like the original, but I could possibly be fixed.
I see two main things here, first her strips aren't small enough. If she cuts them all in half, then pulls on them all a little bit more, she might get more of the look she is going for. Also, I think if she stretched out the part that goes over her neck she might be able to double it up when you put it on, and that too would give more of the final look we are going for.
She might even play with cutting them a little bit longer and seeing if that looks a little more like the original.
Other than that I would just suggest anyone trying this to make sure your strips are small, and that when you put it on your neck you like where it sits, if not stretch it to make it longer, or to be able to wrap it, or cut it and re-sew the seam to where you feel it will look best.
Thanks for your submission Hannah, let us know how the re-do goes!
Happy Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. Gotta be honest: I think the original looks like a dead octopus, too.

    I agree with you that the strips should probably be narrower. I think the piece of T-shirt itself could probably be wider (start with a longer T-shirt, which could be hard without getting one that was also too big around). Or start with a huge T-shirt and double it around your neck. The "Pinstrosity" looks a bit skimpy but otherwise isn't very pinstrous[?].

  2. If you dont want to wear the scarf doubled then using a smaller shirt might solve the problem. In the original version the bottom of the non fringed part comes mid breast, but on the picture of the "pinstrosity" it comes just a bit above the navel. This is probably because the second girl has such a small frame. My guess is if she wore the shirt that had been cut up before it was altered she'd have been swimming in it. I'm sure the same scarf on a busty person with a large frame would more proportionate.

  3. I think the biggest thing is that it is a little to big. Other than that it looks fine. It looks like the original and as another poster said the original does have an octopuss look to it as well.

  4. Funnily enough, I was contemplating doing this today for a friend's birthday gift...Now I'm not so sure I want to try haha. Luckily for me, I have 3 shirts that I can destroy, so perhaps I'll practice a bit first

  5. I agree that the proportions are off. The strips are too wide and the length of the scarf is longer on her smaller frame. On the pin it hits mid chest and on her it hits much lower.

  6. The KEY to this is to be sure to cut the bottom hem off (even though this isn't done in the original). I did it and it turned out great. Thinner and shorter stripes also help.
    Here's a picture of mine:

    1. I love the way you knotted the strips together. I've never really like the original pin, which I've seen a million times, but with the knotting it looks so much cleaner. And such a simple change!

  7. The original, to me, looked like a shredded tee shirt. I remember back in the early 90s when people would shred their shirts and the girls would slide pony beads on the strands and then tie knots at the end. Wasn't a fan then, not a fan now.


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