Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fire! I...Created Fire!

Love that scene from Cast Away. That's how I feel every time I get a camp fire started. I like fire. It runs in my blood. There's just something mesmerizing by it. I used to burn everything I think of an excuse for. End of the semester homework...bonfire. Christmas tree...bonfire. Old ratty t-shirts...ashes. Marshmallows...flaming puffs of death (seriously, have you ever been camping and someone catches their s'mores marshmallow on fire and starts flinging the stick to try and put the fire out, only to launch the flaming mallow at your leg? No? Somehow that seems to be a regular camping experience around here). I even love fireworks. There's a great firework store in a nearby town and we've had some fun home firework shows (you never know when one is going to dive straight at you). As much as I love fire though, there are times that it really shouldn't be present. Like in your toaster.

The Original Pin
I can't seem to figure out how to get this to appear larger...so here's the one that Alissa tried:

Now some of you might be saying, "Wait, haven't they already posted this...perhaps twice?" Yes, yes we have. But this is one of those projects that will never get old. Like watching that scene on "While You Were Sleeping" where the kid eats it on his bicycle while delivering newspapers. We rewind that scene over and over and over again. Haven't seen the movie? Here's the clip (thank you You Tube):

See? Never gets old. It's such a random scene that really has no bearing on the movie...but it's hilarious.

Alissa says, "So I love grilled cheese and I thought how brilliant, just put the bread and cheese in the toaster, put it on it's side, and presto, grilled cheese!   Well it didn't work out quite like that."  

The Pinstrosity

"I started it, went back to the living room to watch a movie with my family and suddenly realize, it smells like something is burning.  I look up and see there's a FIRE in the toaster!  We all started yelling, and my Mom quickly unplugged it and took it outside. Epic fail.  A toaster on fire...never thought I'd see that!"

This may only be the third actual submission we've had for this but we've had many comments on our previous posts, on Facebook, and on Pinterest saying that they tried this too and their toaster was, well...toasted. 

Here are some of the tales of woe:

Even on the episode of the Naked Chef where Jamie Oliver did this it caught fire! It just isn't a good idea.

Yeah .... I killed my toaster when I tried this. Not so much of a disaster for me since I didn't really like my toaster in the first place, so I was able to go get a new one.

No fire, though. My toaster just said, "What the frack do you think YOU'RE trying to do here?" and then shut down, taking all of the electricity in the house with it.

I tried this and the cheese melted off the side so fast. I popped it right out and still have a cheese burning smell when we use the toaster. I think I will just stick to my sandwich maker.

I was searching the site to see if this had been submitted yet or I was going to send it in as my Pinstrosity! It ruined our toaster and we have yet to get a new one. Womp, womp.

My wife tried this... We had to buy a new toaster. Thanks a lot Pinterest!

i tried it and all the "crusties"( little pieces that fall off your bread) just catch on fire and there is no way to get them all out!

Now how do you avoid the flaming pin of cheesy death? Some have suggested getting and old toaster. Some suggest using different cheese. Some say to get a sandwich press. Others tell you to get toaster bags. Me? I say just make grilled cheese on the stove like normal. If you really really want to switch things up, put it under the broiler. I know...it's not as novel of an idea, but you save your toaster and you don't waste that precious cheesy goodness. 
If you do give this a try, be oh so careful and watch the toaster the entire time. Don't leave the room. Be ready in case anything goes wrong. This is one of those pins that has worked for some, but it has been quite the hazard for others. Please don't burn down your house over grilled cheese. I know grilled cheese is frankly quite amazing, but it's not worth your house. 
Me? I'll just stick to the pan plan. Mmm...I think I'll make me grilled cheese and tomato soup for breakfast. I better go get on that. 


  1. This is why I am a devoted owner of toaster ovens (the GE is going strong since 1968!).

  2. My kids made toaster grilled cheese when they were little. They toasted the bread, buttered it and then put the cheese on it....a few second in the microwave....done. not the best way, but for a 5 year old that wanted to "cook all by herself", it worked.

  3. I LOVE that scene in While You Were Sleeping! (That's my favorite Rom/Com, btw. Sandra Bullock is always amazing!) It's so random that I'm convinced it had to be a fortuitous accident.

    1. I've always thought that too...or that's one really good stunt dude because it look completely accidental.

  4. Or you know, you could buy a toaster OVEN. Geez, really people? I mean, they are ten times better than any toaster and you can use them to bake/heat/toast anything small enough to fit in them! When cooking for just myself, I rarely ever use the actual oven anymore.

    1. Well, you know... Not everyone is privileged enough to be able to afford something as expensive and luxurious as a toaster oven.

      In my house, for like 6 months, we had a microwave that caught food on fire if there wasn't enough water content. The only reason we were able to replace it was because of getting our taxes back. A toaster oven, not matter how badly I want one, is waaaaay out of the budget. And, of course, woot fit in my matchbox size kitchen anyway.

      Thanks for the tip, tho, eh?

    2. Um, Goodwill? And, for the record: Yes, I would buy one at Goodwill myself.

      Also: "Toaster oven" doesn't automatically mean "deluxe model". Where I am, they start around $25 for a base model, which is nothing fancy but will toast a cheese sandwich without burning down the apartment. Yes, I knew a guy who had one that was practically a real oven, but most of us don't.

      I know $25 isn't pocket change but it's not exactly a major appliance, either. It's definitely not cause for sour grapes.

  5. I love the little moments when you realize that someone has had the same experience as you. I am, of course, referring to replaying over and over the bike wipe out from While You Were Sleeping. Love it.

  6. Why would you not want to do it on the stove? That way you can butter the outsides of the sandwich, to get it nice and golden and buttery-yummy! Dry toast with cheese does not sound appetizing to me.

  7. I was coincidentally eating grilled cheese while reading this. Cooked on a stove top like normal, obviously. No fires here :)

  8. I *LOVE* the paper boy scene! Never fails to crack me up when I watch the movie. And yes, I have rewound the movie just to see the spot one more time. (I wonder what ever happened to the boy?)

  9. And another one that came here to comment on While You Were Sleeping. When I was younger we rented it at the DVD shop and watched that part over and over again. Have seen the movie once, but that scene about a hundred times.

  10. My life was weird when I was a kid. My mom taught me to make grilled cheese in the toaster when I was like 4, because I needed some way to provide food for myself and my brother and she felt it was safer than trying to teach a 4 year old to use the stove. I never had any fires, in the millions of times I made grilled cheese this way.

    To be fair, though, the only time I've used this method since I was a kid is in places where there's no stove, like in the break room at work. I don't recommend it, just cuz grilled cheese is like a million times better on the stove. Mmmm...

  11. Pintrest is 100% misadvertisment. Really. It makes for funny outcomes for this blog tho. Keep 'em coming.

  12. Okay I will reveal the only safe way to do this. Pocket Pitas. Keep your toaster upright. Works well enough that I make them about once a week.


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