Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finger Lickin' Good

We are in the throws of the last two weeks of the semester, and while Marquette isn't in school, this time of year still tends to be demanding whether you are or not. Everything just happens all at once right now for some reason!
 So hang in there with us! We are almost out of the thick of it! Not that I have a countdown or anything but it's only 12 days, 22 hours, and 37 min till I am done with the semester. But who is counting right?! Right?!
At this point in the game there is just something about being busy that means stuff breaks, and stuff goes wrong and you just need it to be fixed like RIGHT THAT SECOND or you might spontaneously combust.
In these instances when things are broken, or aren't going the way I hope would it be appropriate to just lick them to make them better?
Yes I said lick.
Taxes need to be done? Lick your papers...instant tax refund!
Finals have to be studied for? Can't I just lick my book and the rest is taken care of?
Lick your plate and steak potatoes and green beans appear, then lick your plate when your done and ice creams happens to be there too!
Lick your own head when you get a headache? Difficult, but Pow! Headache gone!
(This is sounding like a commercial for insurance or something)
Well Victoria tried the "Lick Method"...and it didn't work for her. Bummer.
The Original
Smudged Polish, one pin Victoria saw suggested that you lick it, and it will disappear!
The Pinstrosity
 Still smudged. Boo!
**The above website does not suggest licking a smudge to fix it, they suggest a nail product I will talking about later in the post...the link above is purely to allow photo credit where credit is due. This is obviously a case where someone used someone else's picture to pitch their own idea with unrealistic results. Shame shame internet.**
While we didn't get a after picture (Victoria said it didn't work at all) I was intrigued by this... could it really be that easy? While I am in no way wondering what nail polish tastes like ( I am sure it taste like it smells, not good), I wondered if it would work. And it didn't.
In fact Victoria told us that it stuck to her tongue and she just tasted nail polish all day, and that it kind a started to close off her throat! Scary!!! So lesson for the day...
Don't eat nail polish (and licking things doesn't make them go away/get better...darn).
But the big question here is how do you fix a smudged nail?!
Here is a compilation of a few things to try.
The "Original" photo actually goes with this product above, they tested it out and got the results seen at the bottom of that same picture. Seems easy enough. Although they did say it can have somewhat of a thinning effect on the polish. I like this though, it seems like a logical and easy way to fix the unavoidable smudged nail issue.
Up next is this gem:
This website sells nail protector clips that simply clip to your fingers...seems funny but ingenious at the same time, you can get these beauties for $12.50 (U.S. Dollars).
Next we have a similar item:
This product called "Nails in Motion" allows you to continue with your daily tasks without risking getting your nails smudged! I love it! While I would feel funny wearing them, if you get regular polish mani's this might be something to consider! A protection for your nail investments!
Another option for the DIY-ers, I think we have all seen these next two:
This pin talks about how you can spray Pam on your wet nails after painting them and the Pam will instantly dry your nails and voila your done! With the added bonus of having nice cuticles because you just coated them in liquid butter who could resist right?! Well the gal from Smelly-Life Blog tried it and said it was WONDERFUL! She loved it! But when I tried it I gave it a big thumbs down. (No picture was late and I was desperate to get to bed with dry nails). After I sprayed them I just had greasy wet finger nails...but my cuticles looked A-Mazing! So there is a bonus to that...
This is the last one...and I haven't tried it, but I am always up for something new!
Wiki-How suggests submerging wet nails in cold tap water and it will dry them instantly!
Now I haven't tried this but I am not sure how this one would work...usually when I have done a  clients nails and then wash my hands afterward, with messy "I just cleaned up the client's nails" wet polish on my hands and nails, the polish all disappears. Anyone have any takes on this?! Let us know.
So there you have it, how to keep from smudging your nails, and how to not-lick-things-to-make-them-do-what-you-want-them-to.
Also the last suggestion for the day, just wait for them to dry...but where is the fun in that?!
Happy Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps!



  1. I soak my hands in ice cold water for 3 - 4 minutes after I finish and then I hit them up with a crying spray (I have no earthly idea why anyone would use Pam when the can of drying spray costs about the same and, you know, isn't Pam). I still get smudges but not nearly as many.

  2. The PAM method does NOT work at all. :( Hower, this fast-dry top coat is almost magical!

  3. I haven't licked my nails but when I smudge my nails I usually lick my finger and gently rub my finger in one direction only over the smudge. I guess the saliva just prevents the finger from sticking to the polish lol. But when I have done this the polish is not as wet, it has already dried a little and that usually works for me. Its kinda gross I know lol.

  4. I tried the cold water technique, it didn't work for me.

  5. I tried the cold water bath a while back, and didn't find that it worked any faster or better than just waiting for my nails to dry.

  6. I used to put my hands in the freezer for a few minutes to encourage drying/setting. I guess that's similar to the cold water?

  7. I have licked my finger and then rubbed it gently over the smudge and THAT works really well!

  8. I used to put my hands in the freezer for a few minutes to encourage drying/setting. I guess that's similar to the cold water?

  9. I've tried the water and it works ok. You really need to leave them in for a while, but it's faster than plain air! I don't do it that often, it's not worth the cold...

    Sorry for such a mixed review! lol

  10. I actually lick smudges off my nails regularly. It all depends on how wet they are. If the top layer is dry, it can work really well, so long as there is enough saliva on your tongue. If it's totally wet, though, it will just coat your tongue and taste nasty. Basically, licking can redistribute squished/moved wet polish under a dry surface, but can do nothing for totally wet or totally dry nails.

  11. I usually run my finger nails under the tap after I paint them. I do find that they dry a little faster but it's not instant.

  12. i hate to admit it, but i have lick fixed my nails in the past... it works best for small smudges, and i recommend having something fruity to drink near by...=)

  13. I've actually tried the licking thing and it worked pretty well for me! Although I didn't lick my nail; I licked my finger and smoothed out the polish with my finger. Your nails really have to be tacky before this works otherwise you just get a messy finger.. (or tongue..gross)Hope this helps!
    Normandy of Shoes and Shortcakes

  14. The cold water helps a lot but only if your nails are relatively dry already. Maybe like 30 minutes. The water pretty much dries the rest. I do it for 15 minutes.

  15. I've tried the Pam and HUGE thumbs down on this end too. I was bored oh way back when before life went crazy (gotta love the last few weeks of school) and thought hey I'll paint my nails and try this. Total NO GO! I hadn't thought to lick my nails that sounds gross. I normally try to press them flatter and then clear coat over. I hadn't heard of the cold water. When life settles down again I'll have to put that on my 'to do' list.

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  17. I find that using Seche Vite or any other quick dry top coat is the best idea. Then you don't have to worry about smudges at all. And like others said, you don't lick the polish, you lick a finger and use that to smooth it.

  18. I've licked my nails to fix smudges and it works for minor ones when the nails are still a little tacky.

  19. My mom told me she would gently rub her nail on her bottom lip to smooth out the smudge. Of course, the nail polish was dry enough to not get on her lip. I've tried it and it worked most of the time, but sometimes the smudge wins and you have to do it over.

  20. The lick method DOES work, I've tried it. The only thing is your tongue needs to be coated in saliva when you do it, no dry tongue!

  21. I've licked my smudged nail and it works to smooth it out! It only works if it's tacky. Licking your finger and smoothing can work but can also leave finger prints.

    My daughter has tried the water and it didn't work.

  22. my life quest is to find a method to quickly dry my nails...

    I do admit to licking my nail. I works only if the nail is slightly dry already.

    PAM, oily nail and hands. I did not find a noticeable difference in drying time.

    COLD WATER, uuuhmmm... almost frostbitten. still smudged.

    Sally Hansen had some really good drops, but they were discontinued. OPI has some drops as well, but they just gave me bubbles on the nails.

    What I am doing right now is I apply two, less thick, coats waiting a couple of minutes in between. I then apply NYC In a minute top coat, less than $2, and it works WONDERFULLY!!

    I also bought nail polish thinner and I apply it with a paint brush. I gets rid of most of the smudges and bubbles!!
    first time posting!

  23. If you don't want to wait forever, get a quick-dry top coat. Seche Vite is the gold standard.

    Also, go for thin coats, not thick ones. Thick ones take FOREVER to dry.

  24. I use a product called "Out the Door". Thin coat, thick coat, dries quick! I love it!

  25. I have tried all of the methods above - but like most that are posting I like my finger to get the smudge out - it depends on how dry the nails are and how bad the smudge is. In regards to the cold water, pam and drying spray they work ok - but all it typically does is set the polish but the polish is still tacky and is not up to major testing or activities. Fast Drying top coats work better than the methods above

  26. I'd read about the cold water theory, so one evening my family and I decided to try it out. My sister volunteered to be the guinea pig. The link we followed said to let them sit in ice water for 3 minutes. I painted both her hands and then FILLED a bowl with ice and water. She put one hand in and left one hand out ... and couldn't even keep her hand in for a minute it was so freezing (no matter how hard we teased her). Then our experiment just dissolved into seeing who could keep their hand in the icy water the longest and all complaining that our hands hurt the worst when taking them out.

    Conclusion: I polished myself before trying and it appeared to me that the polish on the cold wet hand was just as set as the warm dry hand (i.e. tacky and smudgeable).

    P.S. Later on, I watched a Mythbusters episode where people stuck their hands into bowls of ice water to see who was best at handling pain: on average, people took their hand out after 1.5 minutes and no one was allowed to keep their hands in over 3 minutes to be safe ... me and my brother did 5. Potential frostbite for science!

  27. I have to agree with many of the other posters- forget the cold water, the Pam (ew?), and all the clip-on things. Just get a bottle of quick-dry top coat. There are many brands at many price points- Seche Vite, Sally Hansen, or ProFX, they all dry your nails to the touch within around 60 seconds. I'd be lost without mine!

  28. I also highly recommend Seche Vite! Even helps when I paint my 4 year old twins nails.

  29. I got curious about all these polish drying tricks, too, and tried them out on my blog in the name of SCIENCE and better manicures. Pam was messy and didn't work, ice water HURT so much and turned my fingers purple, and the drops worked pretty well.

  30. The Pam always works for me. I do it over the kitchen sink and then wash my hands really well with soap. *shrugs*

    1. I agree, the pam long as you wash your hands really well after its fine

  31. the pam thing does work after a certain point of dryness already achieved. you can buy a professional product that's basically a mineral oil spray that works. but, better yet, get a product called sally hansen Insta-dri. apply polish, dry 2 minutes (i use a blow dryer to help speed up drying time) brush on and 30 seconds later, they're dry! you still have to be careful, they're not cured and can't take getting bashed around, but they're dry to the touch anyway!it's also an anti chip top coat and can extend the life of your polish by quite a bit. i never used to do my nails because it chipped off in 2 days, now toes are lasting about 5 days and fingers about 8 days! it rocks my socks!

  32. I've done the licking does work. I've also read that if you lick them and can taste the polish, they're not totally dry, but if there's no taste, they're good to go. It seemed to hold pretty true the times I tried it...


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