Friday, August 17, 2012

Update: Doily Do's And Do Not's Pin-Win!!!!

Em here, so I almost finished all of the doily projects I had been wanting to do since I posted the Pinstrosity on Tuesday (I have one big one left but I got interrupted by the rain), here are my results:

The Original

The Pin-Win

This one was another ombre experiment, I am obsessed!! It is hard to see in the picture, but it's black to grey.
I for one love them! I used similar colors to the original yes, but they just happen to be the color scheme of my house, and well I love those colors.

 I wanted to try with the paper doilies to see how to maybe fix the problem of them coming off the canvas. Good news I found the cure!

 I used a glue stick, I put it onto the canvas wherever the doily was going to be and it worked like a charm! I also thought the inside of the doilies were kind of boring, so I folded them paper snowflake style and cut the middles into all sorts of designs.

 Using the paper doilies is a great inexpensive way to have LOTS of options, each pack I have comes with about fifty doilies, so no need to worry if you don't like the first design you cut out, because you have 49 more!

 I also like the idea of painting the whole canvas first, and then putting the doilies on (the paint is still kinda sticky so no need for glue stick), and then painting the whole thing over for a fun color combo. I tried it out here:

So there you go folks, two Pin-Win's in one day! Enjoy!!



  1. OMG! I saw a set of these in my local thrift store last week!


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