Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Em here, so this pin pulled at my "Holy freaking adorable batman" heart strings the second I opened it. Meghann sent us her attempt at a Hedgehog Watermelon, and well I just happen to have a hedgehog...some of you may be wondering what a hedgehog is...well here is my little darling Gypsy.

So now you know what a hedgehog is ( I have a lot of friends who had never even heard of such a thing, so I am covering my bases, and well showing her off. She is pretty cute!)

So Meghann found a pin to make a hedgehog watermelon (people are crazy creative). Here is today's Pinstrosity!

The Original

Cute right! And what better way to serve watermelon than to have an easy and cute presentation! It took some tracking down to find the original site but when I did I found a treasure! The website www.watermelon.org has a ton a carving ideas, instructions, pretty much everything watermelon, it is really cool! I know it is getting to be the end of the summer, but this wouldn't be a bad idea for a end of the summer shebang. Ok enough of the chit chat, here is Meghann's version:

The Pinstrosity

So, like many of our submissions, this one isn't all that awful. There are a few tips to make this a Pin-Win though...
1.The watermelon needs to be oblong not round, something that Meghann also brought up.

2.The original website says to use a green dry erase marker to help you see where you are going to cut, then it wipes off after they said, genius!

3.Meghann used "cocktail sticks", I'm not sure if that is code for toothpicks, but the original used toothpicks, and they seemed to be the just right size.

4. Meghann went a little big for the feet, she tried to make toes and such, which is anatomically correct, but ends up looking a little funny. If she had cut them down a little they would have looked a little proportionate to the rest of the melon. The original cut out rectangles, and made one side of the rectangle smaller than the other, this is the part that will attach to the body of the melon.

5. The face on Meghann's version is spot on (props to you Meghann). Using a small triangle for the nose, they inserted it with two toothpicks, and grapes for the eyes and end of the nose, you now have a cute little face(they used blueberries, but I think you could totally get away with small grapes).

6.Before doing any carving though ( I should have mentioned this first), the original says to shave off a small section on the bottom so that it will lay flat, don't go to crazy though because if you cut too much into the white section, juice will leak out and you will surely have a mess.

7.It's hard to tell in the picture, but the original had ears, they are about half the size of the nose, and are also triangles.

8. For added detail, they used a paring knife to make little triangles at the top of the hedgehogs head for added spikes. But I think Meghann's still has the right idea even without it.

9.Meghann said her cubes didn't fit inside the hollow space very well. That could be because her's was much rounder and smaller, but her chunks might also have been a little too big, so remember to take that into account when dicing up the remaining melon.

And as with our last melon Pinstrosity, practice will no doubt help. Meghann's turned out great I think, and with a few minor adjustments this would look just like the original. Stay tuned for Marquette's post later this afternoon! Happy Tuesday!



  1. Who has never heard of a hedgehog!? What about Sonic the Hedgehog! Love it.

  2. Oops sorry - we British call them cocktail sticks! I believe they are the same as toothpicks :)

  3. I recently attempted this project too! But apparently my watermelon was too ripe and split with the first cut - I was able to save it with rubber bands and a pretty bow.


  4. I think the 'Pinstrosity' is adorable on its own. Maybe a little less hedgehog and more creature of unknown origin, it's still interesting and cute.

  5. My sister actually made this watermelon hedgehog successfully over the summer--so it can be done--and it was super cute. However, it did take some time and patience, which is why she was the one doing it, not me.


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