Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Doily Do's And Do Not's

Em here, so along the lines of freaking awesome trends that I am in love with right now ( A.K.A. ombre`), one of them is doilies! What used to be Grandma's old table coverings are now the new decor trend and I for one LOVE it! The Mr. Chips and I have been wanting to do the doily lamp project, we have the doilies, now we just need to sit down and do it! That's the hard part, I know. Anyways Melissa sent us this project that I hadn't seen before but am now totally in love with (hello bedroom wall decor!!). Here is today's Pinstrosity!

The Original

Flipping fabulous right?! I LOVE this, 1st of all it is adorable, 2nd of all it's quick, 3rd of all. It. Is. Easy!!! The original blog Shey B, (which has tons of great ideas, pop over there sometime yeah?) uses spray paint (color of your choice), canvas, and doilies. That. Is. It. Can I say again how quick and easy this is, and say again how much I love this! Well Melisssa loved this as well, and went right to work, however not having all the things on hand that she needed, she (like so many of us) improvised, and wasn't pleased with the results (I for one thought they didn't turn out so bad, just some tweeks). Here is Melissa's version:

The Pinstrosity

So no, not awful we have seen MUCH worse. However she was hoping for a large masterpiece to put in her living room, and this just wasn't what she had in mind. She used paper doilies, and a lace scarf she had for the sides. She said the paper wasn't sticking to the spray adhesive (Shey said to use the adhesive if you were worried the doilies would slide around while painting). It just didn't look like what she was hoping for in her head, which we all know can be super disappointing. Here a few tips to help this one work out:
-Try to use the cloth doilies, you can find them at thrift stores, craft stores, or I have found them at antique stores for fairly inexpensive also.
-If you are using the paper doilies, and if they are sliding around, I would suggest sacrificing your hand and spraying with one, holding with another. There is more than enough room for a finger in the center of each doily to hold on to, plus paint of your hands make you look super crafty ;).
Other than that this one is pretty self explanatory, which is why we will do a quick recap ;)

Pick your canvas size, pick your paint color, place doilies on canvas in various patterns, if sliding around hold down with fingers, spray paint, let sit for 10 seconds, take off doilies, let dry, hang and enjoy!
There is a happy ending with this one however, Melissa did several smaller canvas doily art pieces and I think they turned out smashing! Here is attempt #2!

Happy endings do exist! I will FOR SURE be doing this project and then I will report back pronto to show off my fun pieces! Happy Tuesday!



  1. Just a thought but in a pinch you could cut a circle out of the center of the larger doily and place a smaller doily inside it. Kind of creating the look of a fabric doily but using paper ones instead.

  2. The patterns in the second pic look like crop circles.

  3. Can you please tell me if it's possible to spray paint doilies with normal spray paint. I'm thinking of making a sculpture.

    1. You should be able to. You might need a few layers as the paint soaks into the fibers, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to spray paint the doilies themselves.


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