Monday, August 6, 2012

Natural Amplifiers

Today is a great day. Why is it great? I woke up to a beautiful morning here, the light is perfect, the   temperature is cool, and the birds are singing. I have the best view off my front porch. Best Birthday morning ever. And...I work up before 8am all by myself with no alarm clock (and let me tell you, that's not normal), and I'm even showered and dressed already! What a red letter day. 
Told you I have a great view. 
I was already feeling chipper and happy, and then I sat down and opened up our email and the day got better. You guys are seriously awesome...we have some great Pinstrosities coming for you. First off though, I found this last night (on Pinterest, where else?) and had to share it with you. 
I love quick thinkers. Bravo. 

So...we were sent a Pinstrosity that is a little out of the ordinary from what we normally get. Check this out. 

The Original Pin
I'm not quite sure which site this originated from because it's all over the humor sites. Pretty much if you Google Image search "Instant Speakers" it'll be there. 
Our submitter claims boredom for trying this one out. "It doesn't work, as far as I can tell.  However it would be useful if you like your music really loud.  And your Mom/Dad/Friend/etc. gets after you for blowing out your ear drums, you can try this.  The music is still really loud, and no one can complain of your ear drums being blown..."

So no, it doesn't really work like you expect at first. There is some amplification, but not like a stereo. But it's funny.

While sticking ear buds in your nose won't naturally amplify your music there are some things you can do to naturally amplify your music. 
That actually works. My brother does it all the time. I would too if I had an iPhone or other such device...but I still live in the stone phone doesn't even take pictures.
Ooh, that's handy. Hahahaha, I'm so funny. 

And then there's this cool little gizmo.
So there you go. Headphones up the go...but these work!



  1. Put the headphone in your mouth, leaving your mouth open a little ... it works. Don't ask me how I know this. Really. Please. Don't. lol

  2. A friend of mine does this with her 8th grade science class every year. It works, but doing it for an extended period of time will make your head hurt. You do have to have your mouth open, as RedHotChiliEpper suggested. My friend says the sound quality and volume does vary with the person trying it.

  3. Sticking ear buds up your nose does work. It just doesn't make the music louder.

  4. Yeah, that cup thing actually works. I've tried out all the bowls and cups in my house and the best one yet is a glass measuring cup.

  5. Where do you live? That really is a nice view. It kind of reminds me of where my in-laws live in Utah.

  6. my son uses my glass measuring cup every morning while getting ready for school. totally works. never going to buy him an ihome though... :)

  7. The nose thing really does work!!! I just tried it! It only works if you open your throat at the same time (like you were saying "ahhh" at the doctors) but yeah it does amplify the sound!!


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