Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Kett-Files: Keeping Up Appearances, Day 3

**For 1 Week (and only one week, thank goodness!) Emilee and Marquette attempted to live a life that matched up to Social Media Standards, mostly just to show what that could look like in real life and how ridiculous the idea is. Click Day 1 or Day 2, to see how the week went so far.** 

Day 3:
  • 11:03am: My first journaling is getting later and later…I need to stop that! My idea of a “Pinterest Perfect” Saturday is a little different from a normal weekday. I do have a good to do list for today, but this is the one day where we don’t have to set an alarm, where there are no pulls to get up early or get moving. Granted, once Darrow’s up we’re up so we cant’ always choose to sleep in, but we try. This morning he woke up at 6:15 and we pulled him in bed with us to “huggle”, as he calls it. We snuggled, dozed, and sang songs until around 7 when we actually got up…but only because at this point Darrow’s diaper had to be changed. So we got him up and dressed and got us dressed. I’m pretty much out of clean jeans so I’m in yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt today while I work.
  •  For breakfast I tried the mini quiche pin. I didn’t realize how mini I’d be making these. I forgot that when we moved we got rid of our normal muffin pan because it looked pretty bad…so my choices were my giant muffin tin (makes 6) or my mini muffin tin (makes 24). I went with the mini tin. Instead of mushrooms (I’m iffy on mushrooms) I diced up a bell pepper and then added some of the leftover chorizo we had in the fridge (because Cameron just prefers meat). These whipped up easy, baked great in the mini tin (and were faster than the original time on the recipe), and Cameron LOVED them.

    I had 2 and was done. They weren’t bad…but they weren’t good. I didn’t really like the chorizo in them, but oh well. These will be easy to tweak and flavor differently in the future. I played with two different photos of these. The one above on our pretty wood island/counter extender, and one of them still in the pan.

    The first picture is definitely more pretty and enticing and would be way more likely to be seen on instagram. The food is the same, but the staging makes a difference. It just goes to show that all these "perfect" and beautiful photos you see aren't necessarily how the big picture looks. Much of what we ooh and aah over is staged! 
  •  While these were cooking I worked on dishes from the night before. This is one time when I love our small kitchen. It can go from looking completely trashed to nice and clean in about 20 minutes.
  • By the time the weekend is here Cameron is ready to get out of town or do something fun, but I had things I needed to do here. So to give me a Darrow free day and give him and Darrow some dude time, they went to Flagstaff to Bookmans and Sportsmans Warehouse while I stayed home to clean, work, type, and blog.
  • I started by looking up a pin for getting the gasoline smell out of clothes. Hauling the weed eater back the other day the gas can tipped over and spilled on our Ergo and on Darrow’s puff blanket we use when we travel. After 3 washings they still smelled like gas. So I found a pin that gave tips on what to do and I’m washing them again (while the load of jeans is out on the line to dry).
  •  Emilee and I chatted back and forth and picked the final design for the new blog. We’re excited about that.
  • Next I took some time to put together a post for my photography blog while I ate some leftover cheeseball and cherry bombs from last night. I have a good handful of fires going all at the same time and trying to keep them all lit and fueled can be kinda hard! Which is why I have a certain pin set to put together this week…but more on that later this week.
  • 12:56pm: I’m just having a hard time feeling motivated today. I just want to sit at the computer and work on the blog and on my business. I don’t want to get up and clean, or put make up on. I don’t want to be visually productive. I want to blog. I haven’t done my exercising yet today.
  • 1:30pm: I just got the toilet fizzies done!

    Those weren’t as hard as they seemed. Super easy in fact. And I just threw one in the toilet and it fizzes! I used a combination of lemon, peppermint, and on-guard oils and it smells so good! I’m excited to have them. Now we’ll just have to test and see if they “clear the air” when the need arises (after further testing that when the time came, it doesn't clear the whole bathroom, but it does at least help) or if they make cleaning the toilet any easier.
  • 2:40pm: I just spent the last 40 minutes playing with makeup. I also got the items suggested in the “cheap contouring” pin and tried to follow that and a picture I had pinned from Instagram. Here's the before shot with no makeup on my face.
    And let the contouring begin! 
     (I was pretty timid at first about putting much of the white on my face...)

    Once it got to the blending part, I didn’t really know what to do so I just swirled my sponge around to blur the lines…and it looked like I just had on regular foundation, no contouring (below you'll see my starting face-no makeup-on the left and the post contouring face on the right).

    So I looked up “how to blend when contouring” and found a video tutorial that looked good and watched it. That made more sense! So I went in and washed my face off and did it again, this time using the video as my base (and I totally forgot to take a before picture once I was there in the bathroom! Doh!!).

    This time I was a little more liberal with the amount of white I used.

    I got to this point and started to worry. That sure is a lot of white! But belting some Phantom of the Opera helped and I went on to try blending like I saw in the video. I think I still blended a little too much in some spots and not enough in others, but this time was a little better. 
     I liked it. So I put on the rest of my makeup. 
    Since my original pre-contour face was in the living room, I went back out there to try and get a good "after" shot. 
    This time it went a lot better! I feel like there’s a difference between the start and end this round.

    I like it! I need more practice, but it's not bad. We’ll see what Cameron says when he gets home.
  • Cameron got home around 3:40ish. I was so excited for him to see my makeup job; he loves it when I do my makeup. He didn’t say anything. And didn’t say anything. And didn’t say anything. So I finally asked, “So, what do you think of my makeup?”. I felt so cute and pretty, I was sure I was going to get a great response. “Well, it’s a little bright. And you’re face looks extra long. And I’d probably blend this more. I don’t know.” And then he realized my face had fallen. "Oh...wait. I should have started that different." Poor Cameron. This "Pinterest Perfect Week" has been a hard experiment on him. He hasn't been acting normal. He goes back and forth trying to decide whether to give a critique on the new things I'm trying, or whether to just praise them, or whether any mention should be made. I'm trying so many new things and have been so stressed, he's just not sure even how to respond. I knew he wasn't trying to hurt my feelings with what he was saying about the makeup, he was trying to give an honest reflection of the pros and cons he saw so that I could make an informed decision on repeating this pin in the future. He spent the rest of the evening telling me how pretty I looked. I didn't even think about how this project would affect him. I'm learning way way way more with this experiment than I ever imagined I would. 
  • I then had to get dressed. I had found various red dress pins on Pinterest that showed different colors of accessories. Using that as my inspiration I wanted to take my JunieBlake Adrianne dress and do two different looks, one for tonight for the Women's Conference at church and another version for church services the next day. But I realized I just don't have much by way of accessories to change it up much. This got hard! I finally went with a red and white look, planning on doing a red and gold the next day.
     Finding somewhere to take a quick picture was a little tricky. So I picked the cleanest corner of the house and Cameron snapped a shot and I cropped it. Want the real (as in I kicked things out of the way and moved the stuff on the couch to the other end but left the rest) look? 
     Now, want the real real look from the other side of the room? 
    I tell you, it's all about the staging.
  • I spent the conference trying to not blow my nose in the quiet parts of the broadcast. My allergies have hit suddenly really bad and I’m pretty sure I’ve wiped off all the makeup on my nose and the nearby proximity. Glad I went to all that work. Oh well. The broadcast was nice and I got to visit with some fun friends, so it was all good. 
  • 10:30pm: Oh! The chicken for tomorrow needs to marinate! I was on my way to bed when I remembered.
  • 10:40pm: Chicken is marinating. It looks like a jar from an evil scientists lab…but hopefully it’ll taste good. 
  • I got in all my water today, but totally missed the squat challenge and the 3 minute workout.


  1. Love your red dress! I've been wanting to try those mini-muffins but had heard they stick, will try spraying them first and hope for the best. Contouring is hard! I tried it once and got it to look ok but because I have oily skin in about an our I looked like I had an oil slick on my face, but you were brave for trying and I thought your looked cute as a button either way!

    1. I sprayed the pan really well and didn't have a sticking problem at all. Next time I'll definitely add more flavor, but they didn't stick!

      Contouring is hard! I've tried it quite a few times since this project and am slowly getting better, but sometimes I still feel a little painted. Having oily skin is hard when it comes to makeup! My makeup doesn't stay on long because I have an oily face...but the first hourish looks alright. Oh well. :)


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