Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Em-Life: Keeping Up Appearances Day 6

**For 1 Week (and only one week, thank goodness!) Emilee and Marquette attempted to live a life that matched up to Social Media Standards, mostly just to show what that could look like in real life and how ridiculous the idea is.New to our Keeping Up Appearances series? Get the 411 here, then catch up on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5.**

It's Sunday as I write this, and part of today's challenge was a OOTD picked out the day before and photographing said outfit in a style worthy of social media. Here is the pin I used, and my interpretation! I think I did pretty good!

Hayden Panettiere is cute and classic in this chambray dress and cognac fall boots! How did I do?!

Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Thrift Store Score
Leggings: Nike/Sport Authority
Boots: Zappos
Earrings: Rue 21

This look was comfy, simple, classic and I had everything I needed! I think I hit it pretty spot on! I really enjoyed this aspect of the challenge today!

I wanted to recreate a makeup look from Pinterest today as one of my Beauty to-do's on the list. With the fall weather blowing in I thought a good darker eye look would be fun.

                                                                               Link for this eye look is here.
While the original is darker than mine, I thought I did pretty good with what I had on hand, and in truth it looked darker than this in person, so I would call this one a success!

I made another paleo dinner tonight! We had bacon wrapped chicken and veggies, and just now I am realizing I forgot to take a picture of this one too (will I ever figure this thing out?!). is the recipe I used, and I got a lot of compliments on it from Chip and a friend we had over for dinner too.

I can feel myself slowly waning as far as how many pins I complete in a day. I just feel it slowly fading to the way side as other more important priorities come into play such as work, and some teaching responsibilities I have at church etc. I am just starting to feel like, "Is this all necessary?", I know there are a few of the daily pins I will continue to do after this is all done, but I know that this is in no way sustainable for me in the long run. If anyone should know anything  about sustainability, it should be me, I majored in it!
Let me tell you, this perfection for the sake of social media thing is falling straight to the bottom of my priority list the longer this goes on. On the one hand I want so bad to finish this as strong as I started, but on the other I am proud of myself to see that social media standards just aren't what is as the most important to me...obviously. I have a project I am committed to with my business partner the requires me to aspire to Pinterest Perfection and I just can't get there, mostly because I don't see the need to get there! I have one day left of this...what will I do with it? I am as interested to see that as you are! Stay tuned for tomorrow!


  1. get up - get dressed, nicely - put your makeup on like you were going out - make sure the kitchen and bathroom are clean - sounds Pinterest perfect to me - without turning on the computer

  2. Love it! Love the OOTD! Now I'm on the hunt for a Chambray Dress! I think this whole Pinterest perfect thing would definitely be hard to carry out on a daily basis but it would be kinda cool to do once or twice a week. The good thing is you found a great outfit and I'm sure you will be rocking it all winter!


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