Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Em-Life: Keeping Up Appearances Day 5

**For 1 Week (and only one week, thank goodness!) Emilee and Marquette attempted to live a life that matched up to Social Media Standards, mostly just to show what that could look like in real life and how ridiculous the idea is.New to our Keeping Up Appearances series? See what all the fuss is about here, then catch up on what you missed on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4. Enjoy!**

Day five is upon us!
I can honestly say, that it's a good thing that my life does not depend on living a Pinterest Perfect life because I would be long gone by now.

Today I worked another long shift, and all I had the energy to do today was try a new recipe! I didn't clean anything special, although the house is picked up so there is that. I didn't do the dog biscuit recipe I wanted to try for Peach, I didn't pick out a cute OOTD (I have to wear a uniform for work), I didn't utilize any pins that are life altering in any way.
I have been keeping up with not getting on social media until I have completed work tasks and done some sort of household chores, I washed my face, woke at the right time, read positive things in the morning and have been staying on top of paleo so I suppose I can't say that I am doing nothing. I am doing lots! I just am not doing as much as I thought I would/could. I guess this may be one of those situations where my eyes were bigger than my stomach *err uh* DIY brain. I overestimated my time and energy, which no one ever does, ever...in their whole lives. *sarcasm*

None-the-less, here is my recipe for the day!

I really really waned to try this vegan alfredo, so we made it paleo friendly and ate it on spaghetti squash and then squashed the vegan part and added sausage on top lol

The new ingredient I used for this recipe was cashews, I have eaten them before of course but I had never cooked with them, also this recipe calls for nutritional yeast and I had never used that before either so I went to the health food store and I am now the proud owner of a 24 oz. bag of nutritional yeast. Go adventurous cooking me!

Of course I was skeptical, dairy-less alfredo? Yeah right.
It was insanely good! It tasted real! It really did! The cashews when prepared correctly totally give it that creamy taste, and the onions and lemon give the savor and zest of a traditional sauce. I will totally be using this recipe again, it's an alfredo meal under 500 calories...insane! Delicious!

That's what I have to report today, but stay tuned for the last two days and the big recap of our project!


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  2. A lot of people like nutritional yeast on popcorn. I tried it and thought it was just okay, but maybe you would like it.

  3. I have yet to try spaghetti squash. I tried acorn squash recently but it's too high in sugar for me so maybe I should pick up some spaghetti squash.

    1. We (Em and I) both really love spaghetti squash! Give it a try!


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