Saturday, October 24, 2015

Living a Life You Love: Tip #5-Try New Things

Tip #5 in a week long series on Living a Life You Love.
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Tip #5: Try New Things

If we only ever did things that were completely in our comfort zones or aligned with our interests we wouldn't do a lot. Especially as couples, friends, or families.

If you go with an attitude of supporting your family/spouse/roommate/friend in their interests, and if you are more interested in them and enjoying time together than you are in yourself, you'll likely have a fabulous time. 
Cameron and I have vastly different interests and comfort zones. We've tried new food, seen new sites, and done new things we probably would have never done if we only ever stayed in our own comfort zones. 

I'm not big into viewing historical buildings, but Cameron loves it. He's wanted to check out La Posada for a while now and I've resisted some. But we finally went not too long ago and I am in love with the place. I want to go back and watch the trains, try the food, sit under the trees, walk the labyrinth, play the green grand piano, etc. If I'd been a butt and declared we weren't going because historic buildings aren't my thing, I'd be missing out on a huge gem and some fun family memories already. 

You won't see the things we do on "Top 10 Things You Must See/Do Before You Die" lists, pinned on Vacation boards on Pinterest, or talked about on BuzzFeed articles. Someday we would love to do some big trips, but we're not going to quit living until then. For us, living life every day and trying to add joy to life is important now. When we are finally able to take the big trips, they will be built on all the memories and experiences of these "small" things, and it'll mean so much more!

Taking time to live life does inspire our work and our lives. We see it, but sometimes we have such a hard time convincing others. I promise it makes a difference. When we wait for our circumstances to bring us joy, we are never fully satisfied with life. Create that joy in your life. Live a life you love!


  1. I just wanted to tell you that this series was really wonderful. I really relate to so much of it. I plan to share the whole series when I get home. Thanks for put it out there.


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