Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Kett Files: Currently in January

A few bloggers I follow do really fun "Currently" posts, and they are always some of my favorite ones to read! I love getting book ideas, seeing what they are up to, and getting a feel for what they do in life and how they spend their energy beyond the blog. 

So I thought I'd jump on the Currently Wagon and try this out once each month. It'll be interesting to see what each month holds and how it changes up!

So Currently I am...

Realizing: That somehow I counted the same week 3 times and thought I was 30 weeks pregnant yesterday only to realize today that I'm actually 32 weeks pregnant. And all the sudden that 2 weeks makes me feel like D-Day is so much closer! So much to do to get ready for Mini Mower #2! Eek! This makes me laugh though. When I was pregnant with Darrow I always knew how many weeks and days along I was. With this baby I've had to pull out my calendar (or before the phone died the pregnancy app) and count and remind myself how far along I was. 

Watching: Merlin! 
We'd deactivated our Netflix account a while back, right after I started up this show. Bouts of insomnia have hit and so we decided to reactivate Netflix so at night when I can't sleep I can sit and crochet and watch shows. And I am loving Merlin! I just got to Season 2 and it's still holding out to be fun and clean. Always a plus! I think Merlin is such a lovable character! 

Meeting: One of our Pinstrosipeeps! I get to meet her and her awesome family today to take pictures! I'm pretty excited to get to meet her and for the connections this blog has generated through the years. I wish we could meet all of you! Pinstrosity convention anyone? We could have a Pinterest Recipe potluck where we all try a new recipe we found on Pinterest and have booths and classes for trying different Pinterest inspired activities. Bahaha, oh man that'd be fun!

Drinking: White Hot Coca!
(Not driving here; I'm sitting in the parking lot. Don't Selfie and Drive at the same time people!) 
I'm just slightly obsessed! My cupboard is stocked with Stephen's Gourmet White Hot Cocoa. Every time we drive through St. Johns I have to stop at the Circle K there because that is the only place around I have found the most amazing White Chocolate Peppermint Cocoa (with a hint of cinnamon). And, when I feel like splurging and there's a Starbucks around I love the simplicity of their White Hot Cocoa. MMMmm! 

Creating: Decorations for the baby's corner. I'm pretty excited about what I have planned! It would be fun to get to decorate a whole room with my idea, but for now the baby corner will be super fun and cute. I'll wait to share photos until when I'm done, but all the ideas were inspired by these two photos: 
Created by Eleni

via The Amy and Jordan Blog, from a fabulous workshop wedding! 
What are you currently realizing, watching, meeting, drinking, and creating?! We love to hear from you all!

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