Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Commenting Platform Trial

With the changes that Blogger made recently that made it harder for non-Google account users to follow and interact on the blog, we decided to try out a different commenting platform that we've read and heard great things about! Enter Disqus! 

The comment section now looks like this: 
You can sign up for a Disqus account, or (if you don't want another account to remember or keep track of) we have allowed "guests" to comment. We'll leave this option open as long as we aren't inundated with Spam! 

To comment as a guest click "Join the discussion..." and then click "Name". You will then see the screen above and you can click the "I'd rather post as a guest" box.

This should help open it up to more than just Google Users, we hope! We'll see how this goes!

Let us know what you think! Easier? More obnoxious? 'Bout the same? We'd love to make this as user friendly to as many of you as we can! 

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