Saturday, January 31, 2015

Craft Fail Book Giveaway Winners!

Woohoo! It's Giveaway time!

We had 40 comments (39 on here and one on Facebook for an entrant who was not able to leave a comment on the blog) on the blog post. It was fun to see everyone's favorites. Gives us an idea of what you all would like to see more of. I took those 40 comments, numbered them 1-40 and then turned to to pick two numbers at random. The winning numbers/comments are:

Congratuatlions Stacie and Jessica! You both should have an email from us (if not, shoot us a message with your mailing address).

Any of you who would still like the book, it is available on Amazon in new, used, or Kindle formats.

Thanks again everyone for your fun comments!

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