Friday, January 16, 2015

Blorping Buffalo Bites

The Super Bowl is coming up, and you know what that means?! Awesome snacks and hilarious commercials. Oh...and a bunch of guys throwing a ball to rules I still can't seem to fully understand (I'm slightly sports impaired). But it a true Super Bowl party without great snacks? Not so much. I've seen boards devoted to Super Bowl snacks. There are some pretty epic looking eats out there waiting to be devoured during The Game.

One snack I've seen on various game night snacks boards are the Buffalo Bites from My Slice of Sunday.

(I actually had to find this photo on Pinterest as the photos on the original site are not working-or they aren't right now while I am writing this, but Pinterest assures me this is the missing photo). 
I'd call that a touchdown with the snacks! Mmmmmmm. Leslie found these on Pinterest and whipped them together for her friends. Only, it didn't quite work like she'd hoped. Here's what she had to say:

"I'm calling this a pinstrosity because they came out so ugly and were very difficult to make, but a pin win because ultimately they tasted good, and that's really the point isn't it?  :)"

"I did change the buffalo sauce to sriracha because my friends hate their taste buds.  The recipe calls for Pillsbury crescent dough, but I would suggest making your own dough or using dough that comes in one piece because even though I pinched the seams on both sides the roll was threatening to burst open all the time."

"Also the original poster does not seem to know what 1 1/2 inches actually is because I only got 9 'bites' out of 2 rolls.  They must have done 1/2 inch, and at that point you would have to shred your chicken, not dice it, because even at 1 1/2 inches the chicken pieces were blorping out the side.  It was very hard to cut, but I don't know if there's anything to be done about that except move very quickly with a very sharp knife.  I had to hold the roll together with one hand hand while I sliced."

These still look like they'd be tasty!
If you'd like to give these a try, here are a few tips I'd suggest:
  • Shred or dice your chicken very well. The fewer chunks, the less trouble you'll have with chicken pieces blorping out of the bite. 
  • Use good crescent dough. We have a favorite dessert recipe that calls for crescent dough and we found that the cheap brands just don't hold up and are often a little smaller than the good brands (or homemade). This could help your bites hold together better, and it could also help give you more dough to work with (more dough means bigger bites or more bites!). 
  • Be sure to follow the original directions and press all the seams of the dough closed, front and back. Don't just do one side. 
  • Spread only half of the sauce over the dough at first. If that doesn't quite cover it, spread more. You don't want to over sauce this dough or you'll end up with filling spewing out all over. If you have leftover sauce, serve it up as dunking sauce!
  • I'd start with 1" slices to give more of a bite size and less of a roll. This will also give you more bites to serve out. 
What snacks are you planning up? What are your favorite traditional game time snacks? I'm still trying to decide what we're making.  Buffalo Balls are always a hit, (a delectable recipe I found on Pinterest which looked iffy upon reading of the ingredients, but which have proven itself over and over again), maybe I'll make those!


  1. I wish I had a reason to make tons of Superbowl snacks but as it's usually just me watching by myself, I don't bother. Although last year I did purchase an Idaho potato to make potato skins to eat along w/ my Seattle-based Jones Soda (GO SEAHAWKS!).

    I've found that, overall, Pillsbury crescent roll dough is just way too sweet for a lot of these recipes. I didn't care for it with the 'taco ring' recipe and I made my own pizza dough for the second time I made it and it was way better.

    1. Mmm, pizza dough would work great! Thanks for the idea!

  2. My game time peeps would eat these no matter what! I find you can't go wrong with a Rotel+sausage crumbles+Velveeta dip.

  3. I did not look at the pin you used, but I have made a version of these before. I suggest using a muffin tin to keep your proportions even and contain any mess that may occur. :)


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