Saturday, February 15, 2014

Show-and-Tell Saturday: Diaper Basinet

Babies are everywhere lately it seems! Yesterday Marquette's sister had her baby, and one of my best friends had hers as well! With all these new babies coming there have been lots of baby showers! I like to make something for baby showers when I have time, and this last one I went to was one of my best friend Mal's baby shower. She was having a little girl and we have been close friends for a long time so I knew I wanted to do something special. Here is what I came up with!
Show-and-Tell Saturday!

So I was a horrible Pinstrositeer because I didn't take pictures of the process, BUT this was a total experiment so I didn't know what was going to happen and if this would even turn out ok haha

The whole thing is rigged with cardboard that I cut and then taped together to form a basinet shape Then I covered the whole thing in diapers using double sided mildly sticky tape (so it wouldn't ruin the diapers when you take the tape off).
 It's hard to tell in the pictures but the first thing I did was create a boarder around the bottom with a line of diapers, then I placed the second row of diapers over the edge of the cardboard so it was sort of straddling it, these second row diapers overlapped the first row so that no cardboard was showing. These (second row) diapers weren't taped down at all, they were secured in place by the pink ribbon which was fairly snug. Then I made a top to the basinet with one single piece of cardboard and used the straddling technique on that piece as well, only this time I used tape. Then the back was all tape, diapers, magic and luck!! The bottom on the inside of the basinet is lined with old quilt batting we had, and then diapers were laid on top, then we placed the items inside! Chip was very helpful during this project and helped me do everything.

That was probably super confusing and not very helpful, I will have to do a video tutorial, or at least take detailed pictures next time I do this so I can explain the process better.

Also, this thing is BIG, way bigger than I intended, it was almost 2 ft. wide, 2 ft. tall (at the tallest section) and maybe 3 ft. long. We used an entire box of size 2 diapers (128 diapers), and then we filled it with all sorts of goodies. My mom and I went in on this together so when I met up with her after these pictures were taken she filled it with some more goodies too!

Doe anyone have any super unique "diaper" creations?! I am constantly going to showers and am always in need of new ideas!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

The momma to be loved it!!


  1. I don't have any unique diaper creations, but a lady I work with made a Noah's ark (for someone having a baby boy they were naming Noah), and a Cat in the Hat hat (for someone doing a Dr. Seuss nursery)!

  2. I would really like some more detail about how you constructed the cardboard base. My co-worker is having a baby in July and we would love to build something like this for her. (Just to see her fit it into her car, really!) We are looking for ideas for something fun!

  3. As a mom of 2 (under 2), these things are my worst nightmare. You know how long it took you to put it together? That's how long it takes a very pregnant, very hormonal mom-to-be (or worse, very hormonal, sleep-deprived new mom) to take it apart and then there is no box to store the diapers in and they don't fit baby right because they're been rolled-up, molded, folded, etc. These things are awfully cute, but it is so much work for the new mom. It took me over an hour to disassemble a diaper cake I was given for my first baby and I cried because it was so stressful (hubby was deploying and having to spend an hour taking apart the diaper cake to end up with a pile of rolled up diapers that never did fit DD right and no box to put them in was too much). It would be much nicer to decorate a box or boxes of diapers to look like a cake. It's very cute and I know you worked hard on it, but in the future please remember that the time it takes you to assemble it is how long it will take your friend to disassemble it.

    1. I have some friends who really don't like the diaper creations as well, but I personally do find it fun. Everyone's different, and that's awesome! I think the key here is just knowing the person you're giving the gift too and what they'd prefer.

      It did take a little bit of time to deconstruct the diaper cake, but no more than taking the tags off all the clothes, or setting up the complicated little chair or stuff like that, so it didn't seem too bad. The rolled up diapers went in one of the extra gift bags for storage (which has been easier to store than the boxes just with how our space is set up). I use the rolled up ones to throw in my diaper bag (which doesn't have pockets), because they seem to get less munched in my diaper bag than the ones straight out of the package.


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