Wednesday, February 5, 2014

H.U.M.P. Day-Pinky Not So Promise...

Hey, U Made a Promise!!
What are some of the most popular things you see on Pinterest??
and perhaps...Tattoos!?
I see a lot of tattoos on Pinterest, I don't have any myself but I know that a lot of people do, and that they can be a way of expressing oneself.
Would you believe me if I said that I have a tattoo Pinstrosity for you?!
I believe this is a first for us!
Thankfully this is not a DIY disaster, but it is a disaster non-the-less, and not in the way you are probably thinking.
The Original
Treena sent us her story:
"My best friend of 15 years lives in Florida and I live I'm Oregon. She has lived there for the past three years so for my 21st birthday my mom flew her up [to see me]. It was a total surprise and I was so excited! So while she was here we decided to get tattoos and we saw this pin on Pinterest and decided it would be perfect, this is what it looks like after a month..."
The Original
When they first got their tattoos:


The Pinstrosity, Part 1
After one month:

Before (this is her friend): :

The Pinstrosity, Part 2

After one month, (this is her friend):

Now, I'm no tattoo expert...however, I know enough to say that this shouldn't happen.

I have heard of instances when someone's body rejected the ink for a variety of reasons, but two ladies who go the same tattoo, in the same place on their body, on the same day, at the same shop??
**This post has been edited here by reader request**
It has come to my attention that it may not in fact have been the tattoo artists fault that this happened. Hands seem to be a tricky place to keep tattoo ink permanently since they are so used, and washed and rub up against things constantly. HOWEVER, I would venture to say that any honest tattoo artist, and good businessman would have warned the ladies about this prior to tattooing them. Perhaps the artist did, that detail was not mentioned in the submission e-mail.
With that being said, don't leave it to your tattoo artist to tell you all of these things. Research these types of things on your own. For all I know Treena and her friend DID do their research and decided to proceed anyways. That detail was also not mentioned in the e-mail we received so I can't say either way.
Let us please remember to be respectful and kind to those writing and submitting these posts. We all mess up, that's what this blog is all about, finding solidarity in our imperfections.
Whew! Moving on!

Let this be a lesson to all of the tattoo-ees out there, do your research and get recommendations before going under the needle!

Happy Hump Day All!


  1. It's the location of the tattoo. Hand tattoos have to be touched up very often. It says that "After your hand tattoo is healed you may need to go back and have it retouched. Bear in mind artists usually won't retouch hand tattoos for free or assume any personal responsibility for the wear and fading, especially in this location." Basically it's an at your own risk place to get it. " Your tattoo may need to be touched up several times during the first year before it looks its best." I've also seen some tattoos with chunks missing like that and it's usually because people scratch while it's healing (Not that I can blame them, it itches like a mofo haha)

  2. It is probably not the tattoo shop or the tattoo artist, but the location they picked. While that is way cute idea, the skin on our hands regenerate itself really fast. Just with regular day to day stuff, and hand washing. After a month is very surprising, but still not a great location. Our feet are the same way. When I got a ladybug on the top of my foot, some friends got something on the sides of their feet. My ladybug is ok (faded a little after 10 years), but there is worse b/c of the skin cells.

    Cute idea, but placement is also very important when choosing a tattoo.

  3. It's not shoddy artistry at all. The skin on the palms (and sides) of your hands and fingers, as well as the bottom/sides of your feet is different than the rest of your body, and doesn't take ink well. Even when it does, the skin there sheds more quickly and will release a tattoo very quickly.

    Any tattoo artist worth his/her salt should have told you that. IMost tattoo artists are well aware of this side-finger trend and are on the lookout for people who might not realize it won't last. If your artist didn't talk to you about the possibility/likelihood that this tattoo wouldn't stick, they were ignorant of it themselves, or only interested in taking your money. (I at least hope it was the first one). I'm sorry that happened. :(

  4. That actually happens a lot with finger tattoos, many tattoo places won't offer them for that exact reason!

  5. It's actually supposed to be really hard to keep the colour of finger tattoos, due to the amount of wear and tear on the hands :)

  6. Tattoos rub off from areas where the skin "renews" easily. So if you get one on your heel or the palm of your hand (and I guess pinkies), it doesn't last too long

  7. Tattoos on hands (and feet) tend to fade more quickly than other parts of the body - if they went to a reputable tattoo artist they should have been warned of the likelihood that it would fade quickly.

  8. While I don't know their artist, finger tattoos are notorious fading super fast. It's a part of the body that sees a lot of use. The constant bending and unbending of the fingers means those tattoos just fade like whoa. Most artists will warn people about this and if they had done their own research, they would've found out for themselves before they got tattooed.

  9. Nope, not shoddy artistry, that's just want tattoos there will do. The last point in this article shows another example. (heads up - if it bothers you there's strong language in that article).

  10. Not shoddy work, according to the guy that did my husband's tat. Reputable guy that was well researched. He says tats on fingers do not last. Period. He tries to talk his clients out of it, but will take their money if they insist. And he tells it to them just like that.

  11. It is not the fault of the tattoo artist; finger tattoos just don't last. The skin is too shallow to retain ink. The artist most definitely should have explained this to the girls, but it isn't shoddy tattooing. There is a good explanation here:

  12. Hand tattoos just don't last and since the lines aren't very substantial, I can see why they faded so quickly. You have to be dedicated to getting it touched up fairly often to keep one.

  13. I know from experience that there are occasional bad batches of ink, and that when something like that happens the tattoo shop in question will generally go back in and correct it. However, there are additional issues with hands. Many artists don't like to work on fingers because of the extra wear and tear they get. But with the tattoo being only one month old, the shop should make it right (at no cost if they are reputable).

  14. Wow, OK I was gonna say 'get your money back' but according to these comments, the ink location was the problem.

  15. I can imagine how fast the ink would wear off of a pinky finger… not much skin there, lots of movement. It's a disappointing result, definitely. But I don't know if I would be able to get up the nerve to keep getting it touched up! That spot must really hurt!

  16. i have words written from knuckle to nail on the inside of my ring finger. I had to get it touched up twice, once within the first two months, and the second about a year later. The artist fully warned me before I got it done. The last touch up was in 2011 and it's been solid and hasn't bled ever since, but i fully expected it not to last. As a side note, it was the most painful thing i've ever gone through. Like bees constantly stinging, and the pain never faded or dulled like with other areas I've gotten done. Good for them for enduring that pain!


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