Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Melty Piñata Cake

Who doesn't love a good piñata?!
To be honest, I'm not sure that I have ever hit a piñata???
Perhaps I should reevaluate my life and get back to you...
Aaaand I'm back. That was rough.
However, now featured on the bucket list: piñata time!
Until then...here is a fun little Pinstrosity for you!
The Original
I think this is a super cute idea for any variety of parties, and no one knows it's coming!
Candy INSIDE the cake! Does life get any better?!
I like that this can be any assortment of themes also, colors, certain types of candy, mixed colors, also you could incorporate this to be pinks, whites and reds and make this a treat for your Valentine this next week! Yay theme cakes!
Here is Laura's cake and story:
The Pinstrosity
Here is what Laura had to say about it:
"I just...I had good intentions!! It was for my best friend's birthday. We were camping, it was so hot, no fridge, just quickly melting coolers. Made everything beforehand, and I was smart enough to keep the cake, candy and icing separate until just before serving, so I thought I was doing pretty good. But no. Just no. It was delicious, and very dark out, I really didn't know how bad it was until the attached photos were posted on Facebook the next week. "

Laura if it makes you feel any better it looks festive and the cake does looks like it tasted good!

So what happened here? I think Laura hit the nail right on the head, it was hot!

The cake and icing have to be completely cool, and melting coolers aren't going tot do the trick for this. The original article suggests doing a crumb coat first, if you don't know what that is, go watch this, it is very informative video on all things crummy (the video also talks a bit about icing the cake after the crumb coat, and a little on décor but you don't have to watch that part if you don't want to, it's at the end).

Another factor is that the contents were mostly gummy and chocolate. Both of those items are also better served at room temperature or cooler. Gummies that get too hot aren't very appetizing, and chocolate melts. Other than that I think she did good keeping them separate until RIGHT before serving it. I would also suggest keeping those items separate if you are eating the cake in a separate location from where you baked everything.

Well bakers, any other awesome tricks or tips to this?!
Hope everyone is having a good week!



  1. Other than the melty part, I think it's fine. But yeah, I'd never serve any desserts not made right there while camping. Actually, I'd just never go camping, and celebrate at my or their house.

  2. For my birthday, my mom made me a similar cake, but it was shaped and decorated like a rainbow! It was so pretty, so much fun and everybody loved it. It was fondant-covered, though and I know not everyone can pull that off as smoothly.


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