Friday, December 7, 2012

Today is....

Hey, Marquette here. I know it's not my day to post, but...I thought you all should know...

It's Emilee's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Em!

Roses are Red,
Perry is Teal,
Emilee is awesome,
More awesome than a seal.

She's hip and she's funny,
And you can't miss her hair,
Where ever Em is,
You wish you were there.

She's the life of the party,
The cool one around,
When Emilee shows up,
Good times do abound.

So Happy Day to the World,
Throw your parties and parades,
For on this day some years ago,
Life got a great upgrade.

So Happy Birthday Em,
We've got something to admit...
Life is definitely more awesome
Because you're here in it. 

Man...I'm a regular Shakespeare (bahahaha, sarcasm). But hey, you got the point. Em's awesome and today I'm celebrating The Anniversary of the Day the World was Given Em. It's a grand the whole world should celebrate. So...if you weren't previously aware that today is a global holiday, you now know and can go through a party in celebration. So leave a little Birthday love for Em (the best one wins the "Most Awesome Fan of the Year"'s a prestigious honor) and have a fantastically awesome day.


  1. I don't know who that is, but if it is a reason to celebrate- then Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. My youngest daughter has a PA Day today. Maybe it is to honour Emilee!

    Happy birthday! (and I'll be 'stealing' that video in ten days when my little girl turns 19!)

  3. Happy Birthday to Emilee!!! The totally awesome co-creator of Pinstrosity and my freakin' amazing cousin! It is true, the world would be a much sadder place without Em in it. :)

    Okay, now nobody else post anything so I can win the "Most Awesome Fan of the Year" award. :)

  4. Love Pinstrosity, love birthdays, love Em! (I heard she's awesome!) Hope your birthday was the best yet!

  5. Happy birthday Emilee! I hope your day is as great as you are! Keep livin on!

  6. I'm a fan of Em! Happy birthday fun cousin!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EM!!! I love your site, sense of humor, kindness and that you (both) work hard to put together this blog, which keeps me in stifled explosions of laughter on a regular basis, and makes me feel like my attempts at Pinterest projects that fail are not so terribly inept and unique! Oh, if only I still had the heinous snowglobe I tried to make...


    Roses are red
    Emilee rocks
    Even when her pinstrosity tastes like old socks.

    I am not very good... but still have a happy birthday

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you have a fantabulous day!!! Love reading this blog, keeps me laughing and hopeful for all my Pinterest projects!!

  10. I read this blog everyday.... When my little sister moved away to go to college, I was always homesick for her.... The two of you remind me of the friendship we always had (and I thought we invented 'pinstrocities!') Happy Birthday Emilee, and thank you for everything you do!

    Much love!

  11. Happy Bithday, Emilee! Sorry I missed the actual day, I was offline. Party all weekend, you deserve it. -Sarah

  12. Happy birthday! I hope your day is fantastic. You are blessed with great friends, so I am sure it will be!

  13. Happy Birthday to one half of the fab Pinstrosity duo!

  14. Happy Birthday, Emilee,
    I hope you celebrate.
    Happy Birthday Emilee,
    Sorry that I'm late!


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