Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pancake Art

Have you ever had one of those days where you thought it was a different day? I woke up on the 10th (which really was a Monday) thinking whole-heartily that it was Tuesday. So I ran my Tuesday errands, wrote and posted my Tuesday Pinstrosity post and even was excited when Cameron was home from work early. I wake up the next day and look at the alarm clock and panic because I have 10 minutes to get ready so we can leave so I could be at work on time...but Cameorn was already 20 min. late for work. I rushed around, grabbed the nearest clean clothes and ran into the living room where Cameron was on the computer. He just looked at me funny and panicked for a minute when I said we were late...but then he informed me that it was not Wednesday, like I thought it was Tuesday. I didn't believe him, so I checked the wall calendar and the computer calendar multiple times and sure was Tuesday. While I've loved having an "extra" day this has sure thrown me off completely. Groundhog Day, the sequel?  Surviving a regular week can be hard enough...surviving finals week is even harder...but surviving a finals week with one extra day added to it? I think I deserve a big stack of pancakes as celebration of surviving. 

Speaking of many of you remember having shaped pancakes as a kid? many of you made yourself shaped pancakes for breakfast this morning? There's a kid living in all of us still. 

We had a submission where someone tried to recreate these pancakes:

The Original Pin
But theirs didn't come out with the same Disney magic...

The Pinstrosity

Now I know some of you are hard can it be to make 1 large circle and 2 connecting circles? Well, let me tell can be hard! Pancake art is not for the faint of heart. As kids sometimes we'd eat dinosaur pancakes, and other times it was "What country do I have?". Luckily though they taste awesome regardless of the shape. 

For pancake art you need a batter that doesn't run really bad. My favorite pancakes are wheat pancakes, but the batter is thin and the pancake isn't fluffy at all, so that doesn't work so well for pancake art (but it sure tastes mom's the best). If your batter's too runny, try adding a little more flour/mix. 

As for the can go as primitive as a spoon and cup, or graduate to a pourable measuring cup...or you can get super fancy. We'll show you a few gadgets that are out there which are made especially for the pancake artist in all of us. 

Close Window

Just mix up your batter, fill the contraption, pull the lever and draw! 

Fill, squeeze, and draw!

3. Reuse!
Ketchup bottle as batter dispenser

And then, for those who don't want to try to draw the shape...

5. And then specifically for today's pancake:
Disney Mickey Mouse Pancake / Egg Ring - Silicone

I'm thinkin' that I need to make pancakes for Breakfast tomorrow. Cameron graduates with his Bachelor's Degree tomorrow and I think I'll put together a big fun celebratory breakfast. Think I can make a Mustang shaped pancake? Bahahaha, me neither, but it'll be worth a try. 


  1. That had to be some pretty runny pancake batter to get the shape she got. But it was a cute little monster and anything is better with m&m's!

  2. If it is any comfort to the submitter, I immediately saw Oogie Boogie (from Nightmare Before Christmas -A Tim Burton/DISNEY movie!) in the pancake!

    And I completely agree with Alicia, anything is better with M&Ms!!!!!

  3. I hate to say it, but mickey mouse pancakes are kind of difficult to mess up. It's just three circles! But I agree with Alicia, I think this could be fixed with a thicker batter, no need for those contraptions.

  4. If you're going the cookie cutter route, make sure anything you put on the pancake griddle is metal. I'm afraid plastic cookie cutters would melt, and then what kind of pancake would you have?

  5. I tried through cookie cutter pancakes the day or so after Christmas. Although it wasn't quite a failure, it was pretty bad. It was difficult to.flip because through batter came spilling out. I think I should have used less batter in each cookie cutter and perhaps greased the cookie cutters with cooking spray.


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