Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Em's Pinstrosity And A Reader's Christmas Tree Pin Win

We're back! 
We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday with family and friends! 
I had an awesome holiday with friends and family, except for the part where I had a migraine for four straight days. 
Can I repeat that? Four. Days.
Relief came in many forms and if I didn't mention them I would feel ungrateful here goes;
 an awesome massage therapist, a butt ton of caffeine, some meds, some essential oils, a hot shower, a heating pad, multiple naps, dark sun glasses, and a super awesome hubby who takes care of me.
Migraine sufferers, does any of that look familiar?!
Can I get a Hallelujah that it's over!?
After a migraine like that anything is a welcome sight really, cleaning toilets? Yep! Organizing craft room?! Yep!Folding laundry?! Yep yep yep!!! All of it! Bring it on!
 You never really realize how awesome being healthy feels until you aren't. Just another amazing blessing that I get to count today!
So why tell do I tell you of my ill timed head stuffs? Because of said illness I was unable to finish our annual homemade Christmas tree :( So it still sits just like it was last Friday, untouched, barely started, and sad.
So here is my little Pinstrosity.
I want to add however that if I hadn't have gotten sick I definitely would have finished, so this is more of a time Pinstrosity than anything.

The Original

The Pinstrosity

So there you have it, my Christmas tree exactly as it stands right now. Mess included.

 Some days the crafting gods shine their blessings down on you, and a project you didn't think would work does! And then the time/inconvenience gods snicker and throw a monkey wrench in your plans and well, there goes that. 
All is well though, I think it could make a cute addition to my living room Christmas or not, so I will finish it and add it to my "Bling-ed Out Nature" decor (after I glitter it up of course) and all will be well with the world.

Now speaking of awesome ideas for non conventional Christmas trees, I wan to give a shout out to a Pin Win that Patty had this Holiday (at least someone had a Pin win this week, even if it wasn't me). There is something to be said for perseverance. You go Patty!

The Original

The Pin Win
On it's way to completion...

Can I just say that Patty individually wrapped each of these books?! Herself!!! 
Patty you rock!

Book Christmas Tree Stats:
279 books
51 layers
11 rolls of wrapping paper
10 woman hours
2 strands of lights 
And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

So no, my tree didn't get finished, but somebody (lots of somebodys actually) did get theirs finished, and this Holiday, that is good enough for me! 

Happy Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. Umm . . . Itty bitty book lite star on top? Awesome!

  2. I'm telling you migraines are scared by these hands. Hope you are feeling better still. "Oh...Chip I think I feel a migraine coming on you're gonna have to rub my back for at least a hour ;)" What is the red thing you are using to make your tree? Also I need one of those glue gun holders stat! I can't imagine wrapping that many books! For that amount of work I would have to leave it up all year to justify it. Great post, love your humor.

  3. Where did you find the frame for the tree? Did you make that?


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