Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turkey Trouble

You found the craft on Pinterest, you fall instantly in like, you grab the kiddos to do the craft with you, and then you grab the supplies. Trouble brews. You don't have what you need on hand to do this particular craft, and Wal-Mart doesn't sound too appealing right now (does is ever?), so what would any good DIY-er do? Improvise right?! As we say time and time again, making it your own is awesome! But sometimes what you are expecting to turn out awesome and original unfortunately falls short. Juliana had this happen to her here, check it out:

The Original

A cute little craft and the supplies would generally be found lying around your kitchen,  sadly not for Juliana.

The Pinstrosity

Trying to salvage a craft by using what you have on hand is resourceful, but not always very pretty. If you 
have been following Pinstrosity you should recognize that this happens with probably 50% of the projects we feature, they fall short because crafters are trying to substitute for supplies they don't have. 
Keep in mind sometimes substituting can take a craft from mediocre to something that screams of your own personality, and sometimes turns it into a Pinstrosity. The line between those two however is very fine.
 Here's what Juliana had to say about it:
"... I teach a mommy preschool to 2 and three year olds and I thought that this would be a great textile craft before the upcoming holiday. Several things played into the utter collapse of this project. One, I did not prepare because I assumed, like all good Puertoricans, that I had multiple kinds of dried beans in the pantry. I was wrong -'we were out. I did however have sunflower seeds. The next issue was that instead of using an adult hand we used the itty-bitty toddler hands whose finger sizes didn't allow room for the seeds. And to top it off I forgot to use a white paper plate for contrast."

How to fix this:
Make sure you have the assorted beans/kernals/seeds/noodles called for in the original.
Use a paper plate as your base
Toddler hands are kinda small, but they CAN work for this, for more craft space though I would suggest using an adults hand.

Keep on craftin' Pinstrosipeeps! Happy Wednesday!


  1. I think its charming. Not what the pin was, but charming. And if you and your kids had fun, fantastic!

  2. Oh the horror! Hahaha. Thank you for posting. I must say my lesson is learned. Always prepare.

  3. I think they look pretty cute for a little kid doing the project. Wait a minute YOU were doing the project Juliana! I still love you, Sis.

  4. I love sunflower seeds, I love turkey. Together they could make a great team. :)

    Thank you for sharing your 'pinstrosity', Juliana!

  5. I think those little guys are still cute. I'd just cut them out and mount them on paper plates for a little contrast, and they'd be fine. A handprint craft doesn't need to be perfect as long as it's a memento of how small and adorable your kids' hands were at a certain age.

  6. Love the pinstrosity, they look like little Thanksgiving hedgehogs :)


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