Friday, November 9, 2012

Sucky Socks

So yes Halloween is over, but I still consider it Fall, so I feel entirely justified in featuring this in Novemeber :) Naomi sent us this doozey and even figured out how to fix it herself :) Enjoy!

The Original

This wreath is made using a wreath form and socks...sounds simple enough right? And I LOVE the frame behind it!!
Here is Naomi's take:

The Pinstrosity

Started off good...and then...

And by Halloween this is what it turned out to be...bummer city.

Naomi took this simple wreath design and decided to give it a Halloween spin, a Pin Spin if you will, and it all went down hill when it came to getting the supplies. 
Here is her tale:
"The lady in this post used a Dollar Store wreath and some (new) socks to create a fun wreath. I thought this would be a cut craft for Halloween – some cheap Halloween socks, the wreath form, a ribbon, and BOOM! a decorated front door for the first time ever. Unfortunately, my Dollar Store did not carry any wreath forms and the craft store forms were all too expensive for what was supposed to be <$10 project. I have seen several posts about using a pool noodle as a wreath form, but October is not the best month to find those. However, in another blog (cannot remember which one) I saw the suggestion to purchase piping insulation from the home improvement store. Score! I was able to pick up a 6' length for $1.23. The blog had stated that you could cut it in half for two 12” wreath, but I wanted a bigger wreath for the outdoors, so I cut off 4.75’ for an 18” wreath...I was so excited for this wreath – it was looking so good. I should have just left it there. But I wanted a little more bling. First, I added shiny purple bat garland I had picked up at AC Moore – I thought it would be cute like the pennant banners I’ve seen strung across other wreaths, but it was just too stiff to line up properly. Then I didn’t have the right gauge wire to attach the bow so I used this thick green stuff. Still, I was decently ok with the wreath and hung it up on our door with (limited) pride - where it aged like an old lady (read: drooped). 

Let’s do a post-mortem on this, shall we? For anyone who wants to follow in my decorating footsteps (although, why would you?!), what could be done to make this a win? First off, an actual wreath form would resolve the droopiness issue. If that’s too expensive, you might be able to still use piping insulation, but I’d recommend no bigger than a 12” wreath. Another idea would be to unwind a coat hanger and run it through the insulation to give it some rigidity. I may try one or both with my wreath. As for the embellishments, thick wire garland is a no-no. Thick wire in general is bad. I’ll probably try making a paper and string banner and purchase some thinner-gauge wire to attach the bow.
As a coda to this whole story, last night Michael (Naomi's Husband) was in charge of handing out candy as I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. After one set of trick-or-treaters, he came back to tell me the news - apparently one of the moms complimented the wreath - go figure! "

The simple trick here is an actual wreath form and maybe don't get ahead of yourself with add-ons, as many crafters would tell you, sometimes less is more!
Thanks for your Pinstrosity Naomi!
Happy Friday Pinstrosipeeps!!!


  1. Oh what a sad little wreath! Cute to start with though! Something to be said about spending the money on a wreath form. You can usually get them with a Michael's or a Jo-Ann's coupon at 40% off! Just keep your eyes open!!

    Great job! :)

  2. I used the insulation, too, (over 12 inches) and I was prepared for it to go wrong. My wreath sagged, but it sagged uniformly, so it is more oval, which I find acceptable. I even tried to prepare for the sagging by double taping where the ends meet and hanging it with that part at the bottom, so as not to put extra stress on it.

  3. This is really such a great idea! It could be done using Christmas socks since there are so many out there.

  4. Oh, I have seen this thing happen all too many times. My friends, who aren't experienced crafters, love to go off the plan and start changing things up without testing. In the original pin the wreath form is only 10" in diameter, that is one of the main reasons it looks so much fuller. Naomi could still save the project by finding a smaller wreath on sale and reusing the socks. No need to scrap the whole thing.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments. I'll definitely be rescuing this - whether I find a good deal on a wreath form or just make it smaller - and hey, at least I got a Pinstrosity out of it! ;-P Thanks for featuring me!

  6. I think it's cute, even with the sag! It almost looks intentional. :)

    I used some pipe insulation for my Halloween wreath. It held up pretty well, but my wreath is also pretty small. I made a yarn-wrap wreath and then tried to make some spider webbing inside it (which is pretty Pinstrosity-worthy).

    I think what helped mine hold up was the tight wrapping, small size, and the yarn tying together the middle.


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