Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Unconventional Christmas Tree

I know, I already posted today...but there's just so many great Christmas submissions and Christmas is coming up fast, so I'll be squeezing extras in to help give you ideas, to troubleshoot projects, and to just give you a holiday chuckle. 

Everyone has their own Christmas decorating style. Some are into Santas, some Nativity Scenes, some snowmen, etc. Me? I love Christmas trees. If I could I'd have a forest of real trees and decorate them all, but that's not really feasible, so I'm slowly making and collecting Christmas Trees for my decorations. My Christmas Pinterest board is full of Christmas Tree ideas just waiting to get done. 

If I had enough books in my house I'd seriously make this one:

The Original Pin
I love people's creativity! That's so fantastic. 6 High School students were working on decorating their school's library for Christmas and found this idea and went to town with the project. 

The Pinstrosity

"We (a group of about 5 seniors and a junior) have been decorating our
schools library for Christmas. This was the Pinterest project we were
most excited about and it didn't turn out quite as expected. We
ran out of the books we were using half way up and had a terrible time
getting it to come to a point. All in all it isn't bad but it could've
been better."

I love that they wrapped lights around the book tree, it's a fun spin off the original idea. 

This project definitely takes a TON of books. I think most of us would underestimate how many books this takes. As an avid block player (I still like to see how tall of a tower I can make), I have a small idea...but I'm still sure I would underestimate the numbers. As the picture shows and as Ashley stated, they ran out of the orange and green books they were using and had to switch things up, changing the look of the tree. True, the tree would have looked a mite better if the same color scheme had been able to be continued up to the top, but it's not bad. It would have been more time and work, but I know my high school had the big rolls of colored paper...if they wanted a uniform color they could have covered all the books with the paper. And then, it's hard to find small enough books to get the tree to come to a point. There just aren't many tiny books any more. My guess would be that children's sections would have smaller books, but most high school libraries don't have a children's section I'd imagine. All in all though, I say bravo to this group of students for taking on the project and adapting it to make it work! Also, a huge thank you to the librarian who let the kids work together, brainstorm, adapt, and figure out how to build this. What a great project!


  1. I think it looks great and so creative! I think it is so nice that students want to make their library look festive, very well done!

  2. It's WAY easier to do this if you have a circular coffee table to build the base around & the top layers on directly -- the table won't show, and it'll still use a lot of books, but not quite as many as if you needed a solid base layer of books. It'd probably be even better if you had an actual cone to build around, but who has a giant cone just hanging out in a corner?

    I think this could look really cool in a gradient or a rainbow -- but would take more planning to pull it off & be polished.

  3. you know what you could do? turn the books so the pages face out. then it would be uniform and extra nerdy :)

  4. My vote is that they totally nailed it. I really mean it, they really did. Thumbs up for the nice work!

  5. The original tree is at my school! University of San Francisco! They do it every year

  6. I think they did a wonderful job!

  7. Great job! I love that tree book!
    What a clever Christmas tree decorations using those books and some ornaments.
    Happy Holidays!


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