Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pin Win: Hard Candy Suckers

So I've been testing pins like crazy lately. I have a Pinterest board for pins that I see that either seem fishy, too good to be true, way complicated and easy to mess up, or just a head scratcher. The times we have lulls between emails I test the pins to give us material to put up. I found a pin that just looked too good and simple to be true...

The Original Pin
Hard candy turned into suckers?! There's no way it's that simple and non-messy. Right? 

Well, I bought my candy and sucker sticks, followed all the directions exactly and...

It worked!
Perfectly in fact. There were no problems, no trouble, and no mess. The only "complaint" I have is that they aren't the prettiest of suckers...but that wasn't the point of this pin test. I have to say I was surprised, I wasn't expecting such a successful pin. But, now we know that we're not having our leg pulled...this pin definitely is a keeper. 

It's a pin win for sure.


  1. I actually really like how your lollipops look. Green and pink look cute together!

  2. I actually think these are beautiful. Yeah they don't look like a store manufactured lollipop, but they're more interesting and lovely to me at least. They're like stained glass on a stick. Glad to hear they really work, I think I'll try this one. :)

  3. I was scrolling through and saw "Original Pin" and said, "hey! I did this pin.. It worked! It's the only pin on pinterest i have EVER tried!" Then continued scrolling and saw "It worked". I lol'd. :D

  4. so I couldn't find the original instructions for oven time and I had a stained glass window of jolly rancher yumness on my aluminum foil. Kids ate it anyway.

  5. i think you could make them prettier if you wanted to, by crushing them up and putting in a candy mold...

  6. My nine year old daughter slipped a roll of Life Saver candies in to a long lolly stick then put them on the pan and pushed all the candies so they would lay domino style; the end result looked like slumped glass.

    I made these using cough drops cause I don't like giving a coughing child a piece of hard candy. They turned out great and even my 32 year old brother uses them.

  7. We made these and they turned out Greta. The real problem is that ONE j-rancher is perfectly sweet. THREE at once is too much! I love the cough drop idea.

  8. I make these with my kids all the time (four and two) they love to pick the colors they want together and we do different numbers/colors and use this activity to recognize shapes, colors, and numbers...we've loved it.


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