Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinstrosity || We need your Pinstrosities

Done something you saw on Pinterest and it didn't turn out quite right (anywhere from just barely off to a complete disaster)? We are collecting pictures and stories to fill this blog. Send us the original pin/picture, a picture of your project and your story about your adventure. You can tell us what went wrong, what went right, what you changed from the pin, what you did with it, etc. 

This isn't a site to just laugh and make fun of projects gone wrong, but to help troubleshoot and learn from mistakes and to figure out what pins out there really are good and which ones could use some help. 

Along with submissions we receive, we have our own pinstrosities that we'll be posting up as we try out as many pins as we can. 

Send your pinstrosities to:

Note: We will not publish any content containing vulgarity, profanity, or rudeness.


  1. You need a link to the RSS feed on this blog so I can follow it on my reader!

    1. I think we just got it figured out and we've posted a link in our sidebar beneath the followers section. We're a little new to RSS feeds, and we're working on getting completely tech savvy, so let us know if there are any issues and we'll learn what we need to do! Thanks!


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