Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healthy Ice Cream?

I was looking for sugar free desserts the other day and came across a recipe for yogurt, honey, cinnamon ice cream. I pinned that faster than...something really fast. I LOVE cinnamon. I love honey. I love ice cream. A combination of the three? Yes please. This sounded heavenly.

The Original Pin

You'd think with three ingredients, this would be pretty fail proof. 

What Went Wrong:
  • Our gel canister ice cream maker was way too cold and the yogurt concoction froze solidly to the sides almost instantly, so the paddle couldn't turn. 
  • With the sides of the ice cream maker coated in a solid layer of overly frozen yogurt, the yogurt in the middle just got didn't freeze much at all. 
  • I wanted ice cream and this definitely was not ice cream. It was good yogurt, but it didn't even come close to ice cream for me.
This is 20 minutes after scooping out the soft's still frozen solid. I could mortar a house with this stuff! You can't use metal on these gel canisters...and as you can see, a wooden spoon just doesn't cut it.

How to fix this:
  • Let the ice cream maker thaw out some before I try and freeze yogurt
  • Try the alternative method given in the blog of freezing in in popsicle form. 
  • Try different flavors in the yogurt...maybe I can make it less yogurty and more desserty.
    • Vanilla and caramel flavorings
    • Throw in some fresh fruit (ooh...berries!)
    • If you still want to make it healthy and sugar free but don't want the honey taste, try using Truvia or some other natural sweetener. We like Truvia at our house.
  • Buy ice cream if it's ice cream you're wanting. 

Do note, that this isn't a bad recipe at all for regular yogurt when yogurt is desired. I'm going to make it again, just not when I'm craving ice cream.  


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    1. Let me second the popsicle idea. It is a really nice way to have frozen yogurt without all the work.


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