Friday, February 24, 2012

Dish Mop on Steroids

I've had my eye on this project for a while. I'm just a beginner crocheter, and this looked a little intimidating, but I finally decided today was the day. Look how cute this dish mop is!
The crocheting instructions were easy, and it came together quickly. All went well at first...until I realized this was taking on Great Hulk proportions. Yet, I continued on and finished it, wondering why mine was different.

Well...this is mine. Not so cute.

What went wrong? 
I didn't read the directions close. Had I done so, I would have gathered the right supplies. The directions are very well written, I just failed to read them completely.   
  • I used size 4 yarn, not 3. 
  • I just grabbed one of my crochet hooks, not checking to make sure I had the right size. I used a 5mm instead of a 2.5mm. 
    By the time I got to row 4, I knew this was already way too big. So I skipped rows 5 and 6. I can't imagine how over-sized this would be had I done all the rows in the pattern. 

    How to fix this:
    • Read the directions and use the suggested materials. 
    • A smaller hook with the same size of yarn would have made it smaller, but not as small as the pattern makes. 
    There's not much I can do to the dish mop I just made to fix it. So now I've got a Crocheted Ruffled Dust Mop.

    I'll try this project again when I have the right yarn and hook and see if I can't get a cute dish mop out of it.


    1. You have yourself a bath scrubbie!

    2. I really did lol when I saw the pinstrosity version. My first thought was, "She used a bigger hook." My second thought was, "Bath scrubbie maybe?" lol I like it and if you don't want it and haven't used it send it to me. LOL

    3. This post just made me laugh until I cried...luckily nobody else is home to see me sitting on the couch laughing like a lunatic *wipes tears from eyes* :)

    4. Oh my goodness, I can't stop laughing! My tummy hurts!

    5. Don't know if you have used your project yet, but you should know that dark yarn colors have a tendency to bleed. My sister made me crocheted dishclothes with bright red yarn. Turned my dishwater red and everything that I washed them with turned pink. Just an FYI for ya.

      1. Have you tried Shout Color Catcher? It works pretty decently.

    6. Give it to a young child and call it a cuddle doily. You can tell his ma that you made it with babies in mind. Nice crochet loop and holes for little baby fingers to learn how to hold and all that stuff. Yarn is often nice and soft. I am a beginner crocheter as well (very very beginner) and my first "baby blanket" has been dubbed a cuddle doily. I plan on telling my sister it was totally on purpose. My second baby blanket too. I have since invested time and money into actual blanket patterns. :)

    7. You may already have learned this as well, but a 100% cotton yarn rather than a (cheaper) soft acrylic is a better choice for something you intend to get wet a lot. It will hold up better, absorb water better, and not get a funky "slimy" feeling when soaked.
      Look for the Lilly "Sugar and Cream" line.


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