Sunday, May 3, 2015

Show and Tell: Use it Up Projects

I put this post off a day hoping that maybe we'd have some late entries for the April challenge, but figured I'd go ahead and do the post today. I was able to get two Pinterest projects done this month using the Use It Up theme we had. Everything I used came from things I found around the house. I was pretty proud of myself! 

First, I made a table topper Dresden Plate, following one of my pins to a great tutorial. It was fun to dig through my fabric stash and pick out colors and prints (I don't have a huge one, so finding 4 fabrics that fit together perfectly was pretty exciting). I even found thread and batting in just the right amounts (I used just about every inch of the remaining gold thread I had, it was the perfect length left on the spool).  You can read more about this project here

Second, I made me a Home sign, using this site as my inspiration. I had spare 8x10 canvases in my painting box, a printer with ink, and mod podge, and made that work. I like how it turned out (especially now that it's dried all the way and the wrinkles in the paper are stretched out and gone). You can read more about this project here.


  1. I love the projects! The Home sign probably only looks good if you live in a state that can pass for an 'o'. Wouldn't work for Massachusetts.

  2. I did take part, as i have done a few times - but never quite manage to submit my photos! Next month, i will be on time!

  3. I was working on it, but didn't quite get there. Next time!

  4. I love your projects!

    The reason I didn't submit is that -- after using up lots of stash and being very proud of myself -- I realized only one of the new doll outfits was based on a verifiable Pin. And that was one of the weakest ones! The rest were sort of from my head.


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