Friday, May 1, 2015

Even a Seasoned Crafter...

There is one thing we love about Pinstrosity...very few escape the clutches of a good Pinstrosity moment sometime in their creative life. Not even the seasoned crafters, bakers, artists, moms, office geniuses, etc. Mishaps happen to everyone. 

Carrie included. 

Carrie told us that she was doing a demonstration at her local Mothers of Preschoolers group on home decor and DIY projects and brought a bedside table to redo quickly, with this pin as her inspiration:

The Original Pin

She said, "I brought along some lace and laid it down and started painting. Well, apparently I used too much paint because it definitely didn't turn out like the example. But it was a good example to everyone that evened seasoned craft and DIYers have dud projects!"
The Pinstrosity

We've seen a few troubles come up with similar projects, and more often than not the problem is actually the use of lace vs. the use of a crocheted doily. Lace is much more thin and moves easily. It works, but you have to be very careful with it. Gentle spray painting works best with lace. Crocheted doilies are usually thicker and a little more sturdy. They produce a more apparent design from a distance (as with the turquoise table), and can be used with spray paint or gentle and careful application of liquid paint and a brush. You can often find doilies at local thrift stores or up in your attic. Just make sure you aren't using great great great grandma's crocheted doily that she carried across the ocean with her. That would be a Pinstrosity in and of itself.

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  1. When I used a cheap crocheted doily from JoAnn Fabrics on a pumpkin last year, I used a light coat of spray adhesive too, to keep it from moving, then stood a little ways away and did short blasts of the black spray paint and that worked really well. I've never tried to work with lace but I would imagine that's a little too fragile and thin.


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