Monday, March 23, 2015

DIY False Lashes

Beauty products can be so expensive! However, there are some that you can DIY it up and get great results. Some....are a little more tricky. 
The Original Pin
Those lashes are amazing! She gives step by step instructions of how to do your own DIY lashes at home (visit the blog for more explanation).

So Katelynn gave this tutorial a try and her results didn't quite match the original...

The Pinstrosity

Ah, this makes me giggle. Huge props to Katelynn for giving this a try. I'm terrified to try most beauty related pins on Pinterest, I'm a chicken. Maybe Emilee and I will have to sit down one day and test a bunch of them, once with me doing the testing as a "regular joh-smoe" and once with Em as the licensed cosmetologist. I can guess which ones will turn out better, bahahaha.


  1. This looks like way too much work for something that's really not that expensive. On top of that, you probably need a high quality (read expensive) brush to get nice smooth bristles. It looks okay in the original photo because it's from profile and you can't see the uneven parts, but poor Katelynn looks like a broom got stuck in her eye. It was funny though.

  2. Katelynn gets an A for effort, but I did get a chuckle out of it. lol

  3. Wow - I would never try that!

  4. I'm pretty sure if you used a synthetic brush, the heat would melt the bristles, not curl them!!!

    Here, 5 pairs of lashes for 8 dollars

    And you'll probably get at least 2 or 3 wears out of them, depending on how careful you are with them - how many wears are you gonna get with this??? It's just impractical.


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