Friday, March 13, 2015

Cherry Pie Cookie Cups

Julie, aka The Pinning Pirate, sent us a fun email not too long ago. I loved her opening line. "It has been a very long time since I've submitted anything because quite frankly, my skills in the kitchen just keep getting better but as life proves, we all fall down. We fall down hard." Isn't that the truth. I know it happens here at our house, although mine usually involves burning things (right now it smells like burned pig from the bacon I charred beyond recognition the other day...poor bacon. And it was good bacon from the butcher too!). The more you practice, the better you get...but that doesn't make you immune from mishaps. 

I was on a roll one day pinning stuff for the official day of love. I saw these cookie cups and thought that this would be an easy weekend recipe. They look SO good!

The gist of it is to roll sugar cookie dough into balls and put it into a mini muffin pan. I bought pre-cut sugar cookie dough in a 24 pack so it was really easy to get proportions right because it was already done for me. All I had to do was roll.

While I was doing this, my 31 year old husband was running around the kitchen poking me in the belly, back, butt, anywhere he could poke me that I couldn't immediately slap him. Being 8 months pregnant, he knows my reflexes are no longer cat like so as I'm yelling at him to go somewhere else, leave me alone, get a life, he's just standing out of my reach pretending like he's in the wild west with guns that he's spinning on his fingers and blowing out. OMG.

Small interruption here: I was laughing pretty good by this point. This sounds like it could have happened at my house. I had Cameron come read this and he laughed and then stood here and poked me. Okay, back to Julie. 

When done, I was supposed to "gently" press down the center of each cookie. I had no idea how much pressure was too much pressure and I was stressing out over what to press down with. There was a bottle of sprinkles on the counter so I just turned that over and started mashing. On to the next step...

Fill each cookie cup with 1 tablespoon of cherry filling. I pop the can and just like expected, here comes the 3 year old. I swear his sense of smell is shark like. Put cookies and cherry filling in front of a 3 year old and tell him he can't have any yet and!! I tried to run in the pantry and pull out a snickerdoodle but no. NO! That won't do! The fits my kid can throw are  amazing. We settled on him scooping leftover cherry filling into a cup that went into the fridge for no reason. He doesn't know that though so we both survived without incident.

I put the cookies back into the oven for 5 more minutes and made the icing. After the 5 minutes were up, I let them cool for a bit before removing them from the muffin tin.

Let's just say that I wasn't going to let the icing go to waste...

Yeah. I guess I pressed too hard?

Julie finished her email like this: "If anything, my husband's giggles at seeing the final product was worth the disaster. I am currently working on another recipe that is waiting to cool in the fridge and I have a strong feeling that you will be getting another, much worse, submission."

If someone didn't know I run a blog for Wayward Pinterest Projects (oh man...the Prodigal Pinterest Project...that's got some potential there...) they'd think I am horrible for getting excited when I hear that someone's project might not have worked out. Maybe Pinstrosity has warped me.


  1. They honestly look like the cookie part wasn't baked long enough, since they still look rather moist and nowhere near as brown as the original. They still look like they'd taste good, spooned over ice cream.}:P

  2. The original recipe says to bake the empty cookie "shells" (like when you prebake a pie crust), before making an indentation for the cherry filling. Then bake another few minutes. I bet they taste yummy!

  3. I made these using a GF cookie mix, and I made them in regular muffin tins (I didn't read the mini part! Oops!) I prebaked them and let them cool - I also tamped down the cooked cup so as to actually fill it nicely. I'd definitely make these again!

  4. Thanks to seeing this I cooked them in regular sized muffin tins and let the little monsters cool in the tins. We had to scoop them out with a spoon, and got them out mostly intact. If I were planning on taking these to a party I would definitely have to figure something else out, but just for my family they could care less what it looks like as long as it tastes good! Thanks for saving me there!


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