Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Surprise: You are GORGEOUS!

Hi Pinstrosipeeps,

*waves* How are you all doing? I have been an absentee-blogger, and I am so sorry! *e-hug* Basically, here's what's a-happenin' with me recently: new job writing instructions has resulted in non-existent blogging life (since I'm on a computer for 40 hours a week). We've been doing lots of cool outdoor activities (read: hiking, birding, and some amateur wildlife photography) instead, but I wanted to stop making lame excuses get back into the Pinstrosity routine.

I think this post may come out of the blue, but you know how Sunday Surprises go: I do what I want. Ha! So, here's what I want to tell you: You are flippin' FABULOUS! I mean it, gorgeous. That hair? Fantastic. Your smile? Amazing. And dang, you look great in that outfit!

Recently, I had two people indirectly tell me that I didn't look the way that they thought I should. And honestly, it didn't feel great. Not even a smidge. One was a lady in a grocery store, and the other is a "friend" (please note the snarky quotation marks) who both tried to sell me gimmicky weight-loss products. Ouch.

But, the good news is this: me, my yummy breakfast smoothies, and the Zumba classes that kick my butt aren't gonna cry about this. Why do you ask? I am well aware that, really, these solicitations had nothing to do with me. These women are sales people, and are "just trying to make a living," which is what it is.

I sure hope that nothing like this has ever happened to any of you. And I don't mean just weight-loss, I mean the people at the kiosks at the mall who want to straighten your hair, or give you miracle lotion to make you look 10 billion years younger, or the people who want to re-do your make-up without being asked. I mentally shake my fist at those kind of sales positions.

As an alternative (or, perhaps a supplement) to the mental fist-shaking, I've decided that I'm going to turn something that made me feel negative into something that makes me feel positive (that is the long winded explanation for why I am writing this post). Noticing and appreciating how beautiful other people are is something that makes me feel good. And, being noticed and appreciated makes people feel good. So, it's this cycle of feeling good about ourselves that makes us feel good.

Thesis of this blog post: warm fuzzy feelings. I found some great body positivity posts on Pinterest to share with you.

1. Your whole being is beautiful.
2. Always wear your invisible crown.

3. We're all fruity and delicious!
4. You're Rad
5. Awesome Shaped

6. To our man-strosipeeps, this post is for you too!
7. There's no wrong way.
8. It's the greatest instrument you'll ever own... (This is from a Baz Luhrmann speech, it's wonderful. Give it a listen here)

9. Perfect.

I really hope this brightened your day. Just picking this stuff out for you made me feel all ooey-gooey.
You're lovely. That is all!

PS: A lot of these great images linked back only to the file name of the image-- no artist credit. If you are the artist/know who to credit, please, please, please let me know, so that information can be included here. Muah!


  1. Thank you for this, I needed it today.

  2. The 'sweet body' fruit images are very clever, indeed!

  3. I was attacked by a weight loss saleswoman at the farmer's market. I told her I could kill her with my boobs.

  4. I rarely post on blogs because the posting gods give me such a hard time! I have tried to make this post 4 times! It was worth it to say THANK YOU! You made me feel good and I can think of so many people that I want to share this with so they can have the same beautiful, happy!

  5. Thanks for posting these! So inspirational :)

    Here's a link to the "invisible crown" print on Etsy:

  6. I read this post on the day it appeared, sorry I didn't comment then! I opened it again today and it was just what I needed, both times :) There are several things about my look that deviate from the "beauty standard" so I get quite a lot of unsolicited advice. Thanks for this kind post!


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