Monday, September 8, 2014

Lipsick Lushisness ft. The Mr. Chips

Hello all! Sometimes I see a pin and I know I just can't take everyone else's word for it, I HAVE to try it out myself!! From the second I saw this pin I knew that I HAD to try it. Then I found another one (the first one...I switched up the order for the big reveal!) and thought that while I was in the neighborhood I would give it a shot. I even got Chip in on this one ;) Stay tuned for outtakes at the end :)

The Original
Just to cover my basis, I am in no way saying that this poster is a false advertisement ...I am just relaying my own personal experiences. Nuff' said.
This fun pin helps you turn all of your favorite lipstick colors into lip stains so that they stay longer and won't transfer onto clothing, or anything else during the throws of a normal day. Here is my experience with this pin!
The Pinstrosity
I followed the steps shown in the poster by 1. Applying lipstick as normal.
I used one of my favorite moody mauve's, its called Summer Sunset by Maybelline.

2. Pressing a tissue (or TP, because that is what I have) to the lips.
3. Dabbing powder (I used baby powder) to the lips over the tissue.
and voila...only no voila here.

To me it just felt more like I had blotted the lipstick with a tissue. It still had that sticky lipstick feel and it wasn't even all that matte in real life. I felt that this one was a Pinstrosity. If I was looking for a lip stain I would probably just wear a lip stain and not go through all the trouble of the powder and tissue dance.
Now for the fun one ;)
The Original
I've had my eye on this one for MONTHS!!!
P.S. This girl has Jessica Rabbit lips, bravo to you lady.
The Pinstrosi-win-ity
(See what I did there)
I put concealer on first...nude lip anyone?
 Then I lined the lip in black eyeliner (harder than it looks!!)
I used Are You Red-y also by Maybelline for this one.
 I put the lipstick on my lips like normal.

And blended...which ended up looking like this.
And so I cleaned it up...

Not too bad! It's dark, but I like it. It has a sort of 90's gothic look that I really love. Not an everyday look, but it could be fun and it really wasn't too bad to replicate.
And now what you all have been waiting for, the outtakes!!
This was the first picture I took with the black lip liner...I couldn't stop laughing!!
 Get that corn outta my face!

 How you doin'?
 Ahaha!! I love him so much.

 And then finally all this happened. He is such a good sport. Love you Chip!
Happy Tuesday all!!


  1. I've tried the first one too...I've seen it pinned (and on blogs) saying to pull the tissue (or TP) apart and just use one layer, so the powder can get through it. Still didn't come out that great for me though. I like the second one! Looks good on you! :) I never liked the way red lips look on me for whatever reason, but I'm thinking of trying it with a brown pencil and a pinkish mauve-y lipstick. Hmm!

    PS - Chip's super cute! :) And a good sport to boot - you go girl! :)

  2. That was awesome. Those outtakes were a hoot!

  3. I've done the first pin, not to turn my lipstick into a stain but to help with staying power or to make a lip color more of a matte finish. You want to make sure to use a thin layer of tissue,I split a Kleenex into one layer and you need to use a translucent finishing powder not baby powder.

  4. The second one brought much needed giggles.

  5. The first one I've never heard of but the second one I used to do a lot as my look as I wandered the night streets from coffee shop to coffee shop in the northwest ;) - Love all the out takes :) -- And the blending just takes a little bit to get used to I often would use my finger and if I felt I got too much black worked in I'd blot and and work in some more red. Working in more black is a bit harder. It's also fun to do it the opposite way of black lipstick (we're getting to that time of year where it's really easy to find cheap) and red lip liner. :)

  6. Ooh!! I didn't think of that!! I will have to try the opposite Elizabeth!


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