Friday, May 10, 2013

Sprinkles...Too Much of Good Thing

I'm finished!!! I made it through the semester! Hallelluja! We made it out alive! I'm just as surprised as you are haha
Well here today we are talking about cake batter...and fudge...and sprinkles.
All in one.
I'll let you have a minute to pick your tongue up off the floor...
Ok are we all back together now? Good good, yes you heard me right, a Funfetti-Cakebatter-Fudge.
Did I mention this recipe doesn't require a candy thermometer or even a stove.
I know, it literally can't get better than this...enough with the chit chat!
 Show me the goods woman!!
The Original

There you have it, Cake Batter Fudge!!
The original is from a ingenious site found here, that bakes with boxed cake mix. Now THAT is my kind of baking...check it out!
Now Vanessa sent us this Pinstrosity and let's see what happened!
The Pinstrosity
I think it looks like raw meat.
And that's exactly what Vanessa thought too...let's  hear it from her!
"When I first came across the blog post with the recipe, I thought I could easily bake this since there was no oven involved and there are really only four required ingredients (not including the optional extra sprinkles).  In my defense, I followed the recipe directions to a tee with the exception of just adding a 1/4 cup spoonful of butter instead of a broken up 1/2 stick of butter,  I should add that I used Funfetti cake mix instead of white cake mix as well but in reading the blog post comments, it worked out great for those who also used Funfetti mix.
Where I started to go wrong was when I read that she added extra sprinkles but did not give an exact amount used.  Since that was not disclosed, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone and throw in an entire container of Christmas sprinkles I had left over from our winter cookie decorating.  As soon as I started mixing the batter and the sprinkles I slowly saw my white batter turn into what I have coined "raw beef red".
The picture above is the finished product after sitting idle in my refrigerator after two hours.  It seems to taste great, the only exception is the texture is far from regular fudge considering the extra crisp the sprinkles have added.  My husband's first comment was "This is good but really crunchy".
Even though it lacked in the messy department, my friends will not let me forget about my spaghetti sauce, raw beef looking fudge, nor will they let me add sprinkles to anything anymore."
There you have it!! Do not be liberal with sprinkles, they are like glitter, and we all know what we said about that...
Happy Friday Pinstrosipeeps!!! I am off to a day of hair appointments and one of my best friends Graduations! It's a good day!



  1. Congratulations on completing a semester successfully! Is it wrong that I just saved the original pin despite this warning? Setting myself up for failure much? ;-)

  2. Haha! Cute post. The original photo is yummy, will have to try it without being liberal on the sprinkles!

  3. There is an even easier "no bake" fudge

    1 can NON whipped icing any flavor

    1 bag milk/white/butterscotch (you get the idea)

    1-9x9 pan lined w/foil

    Hard part :) Melt the icing for ONE MINUTE in the microwave poor over the chips and stir QUICKLY-it sets up very quickly.

    Put in fridge-you're done. No pictures, but I dare someone to mess it up :)

    My personal favorite is fudge icing w/andes candies

  4. you really need to use jimmy-style sprinkles to avoid crunchy bits. nonpareil sprinkles look to be the kind she used. might also be a culprit of the color bleeding...

  5. I attempted this Pin as well. I got the sprinkles right (from what I remember) but it turned out super liquidy. I blame me trying to use the whole box of cake mix instead of just a cup and adjusting the recipe. We ate it anyways, but I may have to try again sometime, doing the original amounts.

  6. Has to be Betty Crocker, not Pillsbury. I use the whole box, 2 cups powdered sugar, 1 stick butter, the long kind of sprinkles, NOT balls or sugar. I got the recipe from somewhere else, not this pin. The comments are full of people saying they used Pillsbury and it wouldn't set. The blogger used BC and that's always the kind I get for this.

  7. This is the recipe I use
    I've noticed it has to be Betty Crocker, Pillsbury has a tendency to not set up.


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