Thursday, May 9, 2013

I woke up late today so I had time to either practice the piano for my piano group tonight or write a Pinstrosity. I chose the piano. get another dry day. But I hope you have a great day and I'll be back for Saturday. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. You have a piano group?! Please expound! It sounds quite fun.

    1. It's still a little new, this was the third meeting. We meet once a month at someone's house to play the piano. There were 5 of us last night, 6 at the first meeting and I missed the 2nd meeting. Basically it's a no pressure group of adults who play the piano. We can bring a piece to play if we want. There is a no critiquing rule, it's purely to enjoy the piano, discover new pieces/composers, and for me it helps give me motivation to actually practice. After everyone is done playing their pieces, we pull out duets and site read them together. It's open to all levels and we just have fun with it.


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