Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wreath Woes

I am the Queen of eyeballin' projects. Sometimes this ends in my favor and I just get lucky, other times, not so much. In all reality it usually happens because I am just too lazy to go back to the on my part right?! Who am I kidding, we have all been there. Anyways lately we have really been pushing the Pin Spin idea, take a project you see on Pinterest and make it your own, or if a project isn't going your way tweak it to work! For the most part we have seen some great results, until today...

The Original

The Pinstrosity

Several thing happened here:
Annie loved this fall wreath idea (and so do I...something about colored corn that really makes the season extra exciting for me), so she bought her wreath form, and corn and went to work. Shortly after she realized she didn't have enough corn, and decided it would still look good with spaces between the corn, and well it didn't add up to all that she was hoping for. Bummer, don't you hate that? Well she did add a cute little owl, but there are some other tricks to make this end well.
Her wreath form is way too small, either that or the original used tiny corn, if that later is the case, where can I find some?! Cute!! If however it is the first problem (which is what I suspect) then I suggest when you get your wreath form (the original used a straw wreath form) make sure it is approximately the right size in order to accommodate your corn. Also Annie's is shiny, like perhaps there is cellophane or something on there still, I really like the look of a little straw sticking out here and there, but that is just me, so there is another thing to decide.
Also, if you count the corn from the first, there are 29,and depending on your corn size you might need to add or subtract one. Another thing to consider using is the fake corn you can get at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby, which the animals won't eat. Last Halloween we had a little critter slowly eat each and every last corn kernel off our several cobs on our porch display. Happy for him, sad for our porch display. I know it's on a door and all, but critters get creative when they are really hungry, so don't underestimate them!

Anyone have any critters get into your holiday display? What did you do to defer them?! 
Thanks for tuning in Pinstrosipeeps! Happy Wednesday!


  1. OK, I just had to laugh at that one! It's still real cute, especially if you don't have the other one to compare to...which as we all know comparison is the thief of joy! So rock on! I was wondering if a critter would like this. I have found that even the family pet likes to ,ah, contribute, to the look of my decor. Most recently re-designed was the flower wreath (ha-ha just typed out "wrath" which may in fact be more appropriate). Although I thought I hung my lovely spring-themed wreath high enough, well, the family Lab, Peyton, decided to amend my flower placement by leaping up and removing as many as she could reach/have time or energy for - did I mention she's a Lab, all she has is time and especially energy. Bald grapvine wreath; happy dog.

  2. Mini corn definitely does exist - some grocery stores have it - and it looks like that is what the original pinner used for their wreath!

  3. Oh my! This really cracked me up! Love it!

  4. Yep...just eyeballing it I think the problem is the wreath was too small. But cute idea.

  5. I had some real decorative corn in my attic - a mouse ate it up!! Yuck!!!! I was grossed out cause there was a mouse in my attic, and learned my lesson about real decorative corn! :)

  6. I have looked all over the Internet to find another picture of the original craft, but to no avail. I have a small problem with that post in that the pic is taken from the side and from that angle, the wreath "looks" more "full". Upon closer inspection, one can see that from a head on view, there will be gaps. Not as bad as the Pintrocity, granted, but it kinda irks me that the post gives you the notition of what it "kinda" looks like, which isn't, in reality, what it will ever look like.

  7. She could have cut her corns in half and had the leaves every other piece and it still would have been just as cute as the original.

  8. I have another idea for working with less corn. Instead of placing the cob perpendicular with the wreath, how about rotating each piece to 45 degrees or so, so that it's sitting more diagonally on the base? This way it will cover the base completely, and it will have sort of a spiral effect. She could still salvage this one, in my opinion.

    1. That is a very good idea! Might look even better than the original pin.

  9. man, i couldnt stop laughing. my kids kept staring at me like im crazy. but thank you so much for this post! I honestly dont remember the last time I laughed this obnxiously. (I really needed it.)

  10. I think it is tiny corn...

  11. Definitely smaller corn in the original... It's called Squaw corn and it has softer, whiter husks.

  12. if she had been able to get the corn off of the wreath, she could have reused it to make a turkey wreath [using the corn as the turkey's tail feathers]


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