Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pipe Cleaner Curls FAIL

Guten Morgen Pinstrosipeeps!
Remember the hair trend where you do no heat curls overnight?? We wrote several pieces about this disaster, you can find those here,  here, here, or here .
Apparently it's been long enough since we featured those that I had forgotten the catastrophes at hand...because this was my thought process.
"I should do cute curls in my hair, yeah, that would be cute! Like little ringlets. But I don't want to curl it in the morning, so I'll just do like rag curls tonight while its wet and I pull them out in the morning and they'll be great! Sweet, I think I have some pipe cleaners! Let's do this!"
Mind you, I have a pixie cut. And it's only kind of long enough to do stuff on top.
Here's how this went...
I used two pipe cleaners and just wrapped my hair around them as I weaved it zigzag in the top of my head. I didn't feel it at all when I was asleep so it was pretty comfortable.
The next morning I pulled them out.
Not good. Really not good. Pinstrosity to be sure.
I actually looked better with the pipe cleaners in it! This was straight up medusa! It was fuzzy and there was no rhyme or reason to the curls, just a jagged mess.
And of course I didn't leave myself lots of time to make it look nice, so then I'm scrambling to make this workable.
I caved. I pulled out my tiny flat iron and basically curled the whole thing all over again. It was actually more work to fix it then it would have been to just curl it in the morning in the first place. So much for saving time eh?? Also, it was already sticking straight up, so we just had to go with that. I think it ended up having a Ducky from Pretty in Pink feel to it. Not awful, but I'll admit I got a few looks lol It's not the most popular style on the market, but I could do worse!
Here it is after I fixed it!
I feel a little bit like Hercules here lol
Zero-to-hero in a lot of time and unnecessary hair grief because I saw something like this with long hair on Pinterest once.
So there it is. It was a mess two and three years ago, and its still a mess today. So much for being a professional hairdresser and knowing what I'm doing here lol Anyone do this style regularly?? Have any secrets to share!! Let us know!!

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