Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Rebranding

As I'm sure you've noticed...Pinstrosity has been a little thin and scarce lately. Few posts, little time given to it, not much going on. We have run out of Pinstrosity steam. Again. Pinterest is still popular, but it's not the frenzied craze it once was. Pinterest Fails aren't novel any more. It's all just kinda ho hum. Add that to the fact that Emilee and Marquette are both working like crazy to pack up their homes in Silver City, NM and move on to the next adventure (one to Arizona, the other to Utah). There truly is not brain power to devote to Pinstrosity. But...we are talking ideas and plans in the bits of spare time we get together.

What are we scheming? We're looking at rebranding. Pinterest use has changed. The interest in blogs has changed. We've changed. We're ready to stir up the pot a little. (update in response to some questions we've had: We will keep all the previous posts and comments, and the Pinterest Fail aspect of the blog will continue. There will just be a new...spin on things, a new approach.) But first...we've got to make sure we know where we've packed our pots...and spoons, and hope they all get to our new homes intact. 

We're excited for our new life adventures, including the new direction for Pinstrosity in the Fall. We're hoping to be able to pop in every now and again on the blog during the summer, so if you have some epic Pinstrosities through your summer fun, send them our way!

Catch you all later! 


  1. Whatever you decide, I hope you won't delete this blog and the comments. The past entries are still a treasure for anyone who feels frustrated by Pinterest-perfect projects. Good luck!

    1. Don't worry, the posts and comments will not be deleted!

  2. Best of luck with the relocations and stuff. You're right, Pinterest isn't the huge deal it was a couple of years ago. I still use it but I've been pretty uninspired not only by my 'crafts to do' board but the crafts posted by others. Things feel a bit stagnant on there. I also noticed that I went from over 100 daily notifications of repins to just 3 or 4. That's a huge drop in use.

  3. Happy Summer and much success with the re-branding!

  4. Whatever you do will be fun.


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