Monday, April 6, 2015

Show and Tell: March Challenge Projects

It's time to show you the projects we were sent for March's challenge revolving around Spring! Click on the names of each submitter to be taken to their blogs.

Behold the vibrant happy Peep centerpiece pin, Easter Peeps Centerpiece:

I may or may not have pinned it LAST EASTER and forgotten about it for a year.  Womp womp.  But when I saw it again in the past month while perusing spring-y things to get me out of the winter blahs, I saw it and got excited all over again.  Furthermore, with it in mind as I ran errands this week, I was able to put together my own take on it.  TA DA!

I changed the color of the Peeps because the ones at Target were blind-your-eyeballs pink, and that with pink flowers would be too much for me.  I really love pink/orange color combos but never do them in my home, so this was the perfect, temporary way to go with that color combo without any of the commitment. :)  As far as the flowers go, Safeway didn't have the crazy Gerber daisies but did have these great carnations in the exact shade of bright, SPRING pink I wanted.  Bam!  And that's how you bring Spring into your house... a year after pinning it.

I'm from Pennsylvania, and it seems that each week brings another peek of spring followed by freezing temperatures and another 6 inches of snow. So out of frustration, I got together with one of my gal pals to have a spring party!

We wore bright colors and filled a pin board with ideas. While we pinned about  a hundred things, we focused on two pins that turned out beautifully: Lemon raspberry whoopie pies and a lemon-raspberry sugar scrub.

The whoopies were inspired by this pin, but we tweaked the cake recipe substantially and followed our own recipe for the filling. The sugar scrub was an exact following of this pin, and is also amazing! 

There may still be some patches of snow outside, but both of our spirits were lifted by a taste of spring!

My articulated 1990s Stacey (Barbie's younger sister, junior to Skipper) was a major find over Christmas. But she had no clothes... until now. I modified the real-life Starboard skirt pattern to make her a very spring-like Easter outfit.


I'm glad the Pinstrosity challenge lit a fire under me to tackle this, as I finally decided that the answer to my sewing frustrations is that in April I'm going to tackle a doll garment every night that I get home at a reasonable hour. That should provide enough practice to get me past the worst terror and confusion!

I recently bought me a new Spring/Summer dress and wanted a fun belt to accessorize it with. After going through my boards I found the perfect belt! It was springy and fun and I figured it could go with many of my skirts and dresses to add a touch of spring. It was more of a booger to make than I thought it would be, but I finished it! I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but it's grown on my more and more!


  1. I keep coming back to admire the floral arrangement and the moon pies -- so happy! So pink and bright!

    (I'm the doll dress person, so don't admire myself.)

  2. Love the peep centerpiece.


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