Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberries Revisited

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so we've been seeing a familiar pin pop up all over Pinterest again:
The caption usually found attached to this picture on Pinterest is something along the lines of "Genius! Put cut strawberries in an ice cube tray, pour melted chocolate over the top!" 

As we showed you last year though, following those instructions doesn't give you quite the same results. 

We did however give you some tips as to how we thought you could recreate the original picture at home fairly easily. The only catch was, we'd never tried our tips. We thought they would work, but we didn't know 100% for sure. So this year I decided to revisit the old Pinstrosity by testing out the tips we gave you. Lucky for us, it worked!

Mine didn't turn out as beautiful as the original, but as he is a professional and I'm definitely an amateur, I'd say this isn't too bad!

Here's what you'll need to make this at home:

  • 1 Chocolate Bar. 
    • I opted for Lindt because I wanted a candy bar with large squares rather than the small rectangles of a Hershey's bar. I'm not a huge fan of dark chocolate so I asked Cameron to pick up a milk chocolate bar for me. Apparently it's just a thing with milk chocolate to form it in the small rectangles. If I do this again I'll get dark chocolate (ooh! or maybe the raspberry or strawberry filled chocolate) so that it's in the large squares that will be easy to break off. Oh well. 
  • Melting Chocolate
    • I'm partial to Almond Bark, but some are partial to Wilton's candy melts. 
  • Fresh Strawberries. 
    • I tried to pick ones that were all close in size and which had the prettiest shapes. 

To start, cut the tops off of your strawberries.

I laid out parchment paper on the counter to make clean up easier. You can use regular paper, wax paper, or even tin foil if you want. Unwrap your bar and place it bottom's up on the paper.

Melt your chocolate according to the package directions. I used 2 squares of the almond bark and it was more than plenty. Drop in your strawberries one at a time and roll them around gently with a fork until coated evenly.

Tip the strawberry point up and scoop it up by sliding the fork underneath. By using a fork the excess chocolate can run off easier.

If I do this again, I think at this point I'd place the chocolates on the parchment paper to let the chocolate set and then dip them at least one more time to get more of a smooth finish. Whether you dip it once or multiple times, once you are done dipping a strawberry, place it on the chocolate bar to set up. Repeat until you've filled your chocolate bar and/or used all your strawberries.

See how you can still see the strawberry texture in the photo above? That's why I would go back and redip them a 2nd time if I were doing this again. My creation didn't turn out as beautiful, but my strawberries were pretty pointed and definitely not uniform. More dippings could help minimize the pointed tops.

All in all though, this really wasn't too bad. It came together in about 6 minutes. The strawberries adhere to the chocolate bar really well, but not so much that they are tough to pull off and eat. I was hoping to be able to break off  one square at a time, each with its own strawberry on it, but that didn't quite work out this time around. It's still fun though!


  1. I was thinking of puttng melted chocolate in the ice cube squares and then putting the strawberries in and covering them up. That might work too. I will let you know. =)

    1. I thought about that actually, but first wanted to see if I could get it to look like the original. With just one strawberry in each compartment I got worried that the chocolate would be super thick and I wouldn't be able to actually eat it without hacking it to pieces with a knife. However, if there is more than one strawberry (or cut up strawberries) that could be pushed all the way down in the ice cube tray then there might be an easier strawberry to chocolate ratio when it comes to being able to bite into it. Let me know what you find out when you try this!

    2. HA! *hacking it to pieces*
      Okay I will try it and see what I get and let you know =)

  2. That looks delicious! I thought you were going to do what Texasnascarcowgirl suggested, putting melted choc in the ice cube tray, strawberries and covering w/ choc.

    1. That was the backup plan. I'm hoping Texasnascarcowgirl will let us know how her experiment goes.

  3. If you still have to dip all your strawberries, why not just do that and lay them on a silpat. No need for the chocolate bar at all.

    1. That would be easy too. I just wanted to see if I could recreate the original idea, and it worked! I'm finding too that instead of eating waaayyyy too many chocolate covered strawberries, I'm savoring this one more and eating less of it. It's just enough of a treat to be yummy, but not overly abundant so that I dive in too deep.

  4. Oooh, this could be fun with contrasting types of chocolate! Pre-separate the squares and you've got a cute hors d'oeuvre.

    Actually, I am thinking chocolate-dipped banana coins on a caramel-filled square.

    1. That sounds so yummy and would have such great presentation! Nice idea!

  5. I bet that if you didn't want your "strawberry texture" to show so much, you could melt some red Wilton wafers and drizzle them over the (nearly) finished bar to add colour and interest while distracting from the texture showing.

    I like the idea of putting them on individual squares too.


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