Monday, December 8, 2014

Pay it Forward: Tote-ally Awesome Tote Gift

Our final Pay it Forward project comes to us from Australia! I love having all you international cyber-friends, this is so much fun!

Dear Marquette, Emilee and Rachel

Firstly, thank you for the monthly Pinstrosity Challenge – in particular the November Pay It Forward Challenge.  This challenge got me off the lounge and at my crafting table to make a Thank You gift for my daughter’s ballet teacher. I had pinned a gorgeous Tote pin quite a number of months ago, and had even gone as far as ordering the tutorial online, printing it out and then binding it to keep it together.  (Here’s the link to Inking Idaho’s tutorial page The tutorial I am referring to is Becky’s Tote-Ally Awesome Tote, which makes this:

Pretty awesome hey – it has everything – cards, gifts, pens, post it note holder and best of all – a carry tote for it all!

And the instructions are pretty awesome too. I had a trial run using some card stock, but quickly realised that I wanted the tote to be a little stronger so I invested in some heavy craft paper. The inside of the tote also has two clear pockets to hold the cards. I made these pockets a little larger so that they would hold a regular size card and envelope – and boy, was that a challenge! I needed to increase the size of the pocket by about 1 cm but you just can’t add 1 cm to the middle measurement…..after a couple of trials, a few swear words and a piece of acetate being thrown down in disgust, I finally managed to complete the pockets and the rest of the project.  I used ballet paper from my stash, and then quite a number of pinned card ideas (thanks again Pinterest) to make my cards. I also used magnets as a latch, rather than Velcro dots on both the tote and Post-It holder.

This gift turned out pretty awesome…and I can’t wait to give it to our ballet teacher. So thanks Pinstrosity – your challenge is just what I needed to get the gift made and ready in time! 
Wishing you all a wonderful festive season.

Kind Regards


What a neat gift! I absolutely love it. Clever, cute, and usable. Perfect! I'm sure the ballet teacher loves it!

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  1. That is deeply awesome. Knowing my own experiences with cutting things straight, I am in awe.


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