Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Em's Halloween Show-and-Tell!

Marquette shared her Halloween costume show and tell the other day, and I thought it would be fun to share ours too!! Happy Wednesday all!!
Chip and I went as Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus for all of our Halloween festivities!

(I had chalk all over me buy the end of the night from our sign lol)
We went to our church trunk-or-treat and had a themed trunk for all of the kids at the activity.
These pictures are really awful because it was dark, I apologize, but you get the idea...
We had candy and glow sticks. We had a little game for the kids, if they could throw the ball into the last row of jack-o-lantern cups they got candy AND a glow stick (if they didn't get the ball in the cup after a few tries they still got candy).
We had fun playing science lab all night.
It's hard to see here, but the jars are all filled with glowing bugs and we had science books, and skulls in our "Science Lab".

 Here is Dr. Nye in his element ;)
For our costumes I found the dress at a thrift store, it was a gosh awful pink before and I used fabric dye from the craft section at Wal-Mart to get my awesome purple color. The dye I got was a cobalt blue, but the blue plus pink made purple! I'll take it!
Next I cut out and hot glued all the felt pieces onto the dress. I drew everything by hand with a  marker, then cut them out and glued them on.
My wig was a child's Disney Merida wig that I pinned up, I used Chip as my mannequin!
For Chip's costumes we borrowed the coat and prop goggles, I bought him the bow tie and he wore his Sunday clothes. Done.
We had a really good time and I've been wanting to do Miss Frizzle (whose first name is Valerie, who knew??) for a while.
Just so no ones feels like we have a handle on the holiday season, I just cleaned our car out yesterday. True story. Real life!!
Hope you all had a great Halloween! On to November!! Woohoo!

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